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The singly-powered Universe



there are no self-powered stars in the Universe -
 the Universe is lit up by a single source of all-pervading power
 that stars and galaxies reflect
that combines them all into one single phenomenon
that source of which is too wide to be physical,
it can only be spiritual, reflected physically:
 the product of intention, the purpose of Intelligence,
the power of God 


Contrary to 'consensus' science the Universe is not a collection of isolated stars that are deemed to have formed by gravity in the aftermath of a chaotic explosion that brought the Universe into being, before which there was nothing. While this is currently the most widely promoted, and apparently generally accepted theory of the Universe - known as "The Big-Bang Cosmology" - it is far too mythological to be taken serious, and is not really supported by physical evidence. The physical evidence points to the existence of an all-pervading flow of electric energy flowing in plasma in space in magnetically aligned linear filamentary structures that actually somewhat visible in the above photograph. The photograph is not a photograph of stars as you might see in a night sky, but is a photograph of a cluster of galaxies 500 million light years distant. The filamentary alignment of the galaxies is clearly visible, nor is this type of alignment only typical for long-distance views. It is also visible in the filamentary alignment of stars in our own galaxy, as in the partial view of the globular cluster M4 shown below (7,000 light-years distant, which as a whole contains more than 100,000 stars - a photograph by the Hubble Space Telescope.)

Long before the filamentary connection between the stars and galaxies was recognized, "The Electric Cosmology" theory was born, primarily from the recognition that our Sun (our own star) is not actually powered from with, but is electrically powered from without, which as a principle, of course, pertains to all stars. "The Electric Sun" theory appears to have started with the recognition that the sunspots of our Sun are darker inside, which occur when a portion of the photosphere explodes into space. When the Sun was heated from the inside, the lower layers, below the sunspots, should be brighter and not darker.

from: The Electric Sun Hypothesis 

From this type of observations, and a large body of similar evidence, "The Electric Sun" theory was developed over the past 80 years. "The Big-Bang Cosmology" theory was created slightly later as if it was a countering response to the developing perception, which it probably was, since the perception of a universally powered universe goes against the grain of empire that requires a perception to prevail that the world is naturally regressing and collapsing, which is used to cover up the effect of its looting of the world that is collapsing civilization. The highly mythological Big-Bang theory of the Universe did not exist in Mary Baker Eddy's time. It is modern counter-culture, or counter-science creation. With telescopes being rather feeble in her days of the late 1800, a clear evidence-based perception of the nature of the Universe was not possible, so that in her time spiritual evidence alone provided the basis for perception of how the Universe would have to be fundamentally organized, with God being the source of all power, with the stars and the Universe reflecting that power as light, physically and spiritually. Modern advances in physical science are proving this spiritually based perception to have been rather accurately describing the Universe as it is now physically seen and understood in plasma physics and is verifiable in replicating laboratory experiments.

Thus Mary Baker Eddy's symbolism of a star reflecting a universal power, the power of God, is not only spiritually accurate, but is also physically accurate, which it would have to be since we have only one Universe, which is increasingly being recognized to be reflecting one all-encompassing Intelligence and purpose, without which nothing would exist, even physically.

In the physical world the all-pervading power is electric in nature, reflecting an array of unique electric principles without which the physical universe would not exist. This recognition appears to conflict with Mary Baker Eddy's statement that defines electricity as the "sharp surplus of materiality." 

Electricity is the sharp surplus of materiality which counterfeits the true essence of spirituality or truth, - the great difference being that electricity is not intelligent, while spiritual truth is Mind.

The lighting bolts that strike Earth can certainly be classified to have resulted from excess built-up electric charges in the ionosphere, which however, is also the very process that powers the Sun. It is not likely, therefore, that Mary Baker Eddy referred to any form of celestial phenomenon. With her focusing routinely on mental processes, her saying that "electricity is the sharp surplus of materiality" must be seen in the mental context where is very much justified, according to what is socially and politically happening around the world, even today, such as in gushing speeches of electrifying orators who have learned the art of deceiving entire nations with brilliant flashes of lies. The whole process often becomes a spectacular display of a "sharp surplus of materiality," especially on the political scene.

The most brilliant flash of electrifying materiality in history were no doubt the speeches of great orator of perverted statecraft, Pericles of Athens, who had single handedly, in a brief period of time, turned Athens, the cultural pearl of the old world, into an ash heap in the Peloponnesian War that he himself not survived. The electrifying orators are usually hired agents, used for their skills, who are operating in the service of others for political ends. 

At the top of the long list of political orators in today's age, the one who comes closest to matching Pericles of Athens, many people would say is the current U.S. President Barack Obama, who by his success is evidently the evidently greatest orator on the American scene, with electrifying speeches second to none, richly filled with empty rhetoric and fascist intentions. He is the master magician of mental malpractice according to his practice - who is qualified for the top title by his unparalleled success - who may some day be credited in history books with having single handedly destroyed the USA in less time than Pericles had destroyed Athens, or Hitler had destroyed Europe. 

Beware of the "sharp surplus of materiality!" warns Mary Baker Eddy - evidently referring to mental malpractice on the grand scale with deep undercurrents.  This type of "sharp surplus of materiality" had always been visible throughout history and had routinely corrupted society. What else would she have warned about so strongly - rather than referring to universal electric power that powers the Universe, which is actually far from being a "sharp surplus of materiality" and is in fact entirely spiritual, being exclusively the result of harmonizing universal principles by which its purpose is fulfilled. Referring to purpose, Mary Baker Eddy states:

Christian Science brings to light Truth and its supremacy, universal harmony, the entireness of God, good, and the nothingness of evil. (S&H p.293)


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** 1
The photo is of the galaxy cluster ACO 3341, from a collection of the first images obtained with VIMOS of ESO.
 ACO 3341 is located at a distance of almost 500 million light years

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