The Science of the Moral Line

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (Feb. 1, 2008)

This article is a part of the larger exploration "Sublime Science"


Step 1 - Definition for the Rows

When the city foursquare from Revelation 21 is seen in terms of four horizontal rows, each of the rows can be seen to pertain to a specific cardinal point that represents a distinct concept of reality, of which Mary Baker Eddy defines a set of four:

Its four cardinal points are: 

first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love;
second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God;
third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history;
fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar. (S&H p.577)

Step 2 - What is reality?

Mary Baker Eddy defines four types of mental focus in her "scientific translation of immortal Mind (1), and mortal mind (2-4)."

1. The divine focus: God, divine synonyms; Man, divine image; Idea, divine reflection.
2. The spiritual focus: Reality, understanding.
3. The moral focus:
Transitional qualities, evil believes disappearing.
4. The physical focus: Unreality, depravity. 

The first concept is defined in her textbook under the heading of "scientific translation of IMMORTAL MIND," and is immediately followed with her "scientific translation of MORTAL MIND" which she presents in the textbook as developing from the bottom up whereby "mortal mind" is loosing its mortal nature as it gravitates towards the real nature of mind, reflecting the real, divine Mind.

The above 4-step translation is really a translation of our perception of reality. The top row represents absolute reality - the divinely real, the divine Spirit being manifest as reality - and the further we get away this, the deeper we get into the mod hole where nothing is real and all that appear real is imaginary, a tragic illusion, a deception not dealt with in spiritual growth. At the spiritual level, the Christ level, the level of Science, we come face to face with the divine reality and begin to see it reflected in human existence as the reality of our being.

The concept of an evil mind is not legitimate in divine Science, regardless of the appearance to the contrary. Mind cannot unfold the opposite quality of its perfection and divine nature and engender contraries, for then the Universe would not exist. The universe contains not a single element in its design that is contrary to itself. Opposites in Principle cannot exists. The duality of good and evil is purely mythological and contains not a single thread of reality. Infinite Mind can have no cognizance of unreality, which would be a contradiction of Principle whereby the Universe would collapse if such a contradiction was found in the real would.  

Nevertheless the spiritual healer needs to consider the various aspects of the mud hole mentality, so-called, for its mythology spreads like a fungus and deceives the unaware and enslaves them with the games that are played in the mud hole. Healing begins with one becoming aware that the chains that bind mankind with disease and evil intentions, and tragic consequences, are not divinely real, but are mythological in nature and therefore can be shed legitimately and naturally. In divine Science, divine Mind alone is the cause of all that is real, which mankind is designed to reflect consciously, thereby taking on the quality of a producer and creator, producing and creating resources for its living that don't exist naturally. Man's origin therefore is in Mind, with a connection to divine Mind that has never been severed or can be annulled or be repealed. Mind is one and has no opposite. All is Mind. Mary Baker Eddy states this fact in countless different ways, such as under the topic, "Mind the only cause."

Step 3 - The moral line

This idea behind the second set of descriptors (2-4) is extremely important. It divides the foursquare structure into three zones.

The top row remains defined as the divine zone, the zone of immortal Mind, divine Spirit and its manifest in all that is the divinely real. 

The remaining three rows are divided into an upper and lower zone by the moral line. This two zone layout is clearly visible on the tablet that is shown in the lap of the woman in the rocking chair in the painting Christmas Eve in Christ and Christmas.

The Moral Line

The importance of the moral line is that it divides the spiritual world, the world of civilization, from the sewer of the imaginary world where nothing is real through great tragedies unfold there, which may be termed the sub-moral world. This all-important moral line serves as a kind of firewall that keeps the creatures of the sewer from spoiling the "kingdom of heaven." 

The point is that the natural inclination of humanity is to live above the moral line, as high above as possible, as close as one can reach humanly to the divine zone where mankind comes to light in its divine image, a divine idea reflecting God. That this upwards trend is the natural trend is illustrated by the founding of the American Republic far from the shores of the imperial world. The pilgrims who came to America did so in order to create a free society as high above the moral line in the spiritual domain as possible. For this ideal great hardships were endured and sacrifices made. It was natural for the pioneers of humanity to cast their hopes far away from the sewers of empire and closer to God.

The moral line is a firewall that no sewer creature can escape across, because the closer a sewer creature is approaching the moral line from the sewer, the more it becomes impelled to let go of its sewer enterprises, the enterprises of empire expressed in looting, stealing, lying, destroying, and making war for such ends. The moral line makes the creatures human and fit to pass across. In the sewer is where we find all the creatures of empire; the kings and queens, and emperors, including many presidents, legislatures and senates, end even large parts of society, who have identified themselves as such by their commitments to the sewer enterprises.

The moral line is also a warning line, because being far from the divine light, the sewer is a dangerous place. The sewer has many names, although the term, empire, combines almost the whole ground, and as history has proved, empire is inherently self-destructive. No empire ever survived long. And whatever society finds itself attracted into this sewer follows the same fate. Without the divine qualities being expressed, civilization simply disintegrates. This can be the fate of entire nations, as history has shown, and even the tragedy of the world as a whole. America is presently on the fast track of realizing this self-imposed fate. As a champion in the fight against fascism, America once flourished, but when it became the champion of empire, wielding the atomic bomb and other weapons of mass-destruction, it dropped below the moral line destroying in its course many a nation, but mostly itself on this course.

The world below the moral line, far from the light of God, is also a world of disease and all kinds of mythological traps, which nevertheless Christian Science can reach and bring light into. In Christian Science the human mind is not a healing agent, but the divine Mind is. The human mind, being trapped itself into countless errors and false perceptions is not a fit agent to heal anything. Christian Science aids the struggling heart to lift itself above the moral line to higher ground than the one in which the tragedy of disease is grounded. There, healing comes naturally.

Some additional groups defining the four levels

Mary Baker Eddy presents three additional groups of related concepts of four terms each that all pertain to the four levels, or cardinal points, that describe the four rows.

The first two groups are groups of glossary terms.

1 Day Heaven
2 Morning Kingdom of heaven
3 Evening Earth
4 Night Hell

The third group is set of four terms found in the glossary in the definition for the term "good."  They are:

1. omnipotence.
2.  omniscience.
3.  omnipresence.
4. omni action.

Much healing is needed in the sub-moral domain, and the active impetus there can only be divine. The human mind, being tied to too many mythological concepts, is not a healing agent. It is the cause for much of mankind finding itself 'living' in the sub-moral domain. The sub-moral domain is a busy place where countless types of insanity rule by which the wealth of society is being privatized and drained away with ever-greater portions of humanity being left out in the cold to starve to death.

The sub-moral domain can be likened to a scene where children play near the banks of a river in pools of mud making mud pies, and piling the mud up into imaginary castles. The scene becomes a tragic scene for those who refuse to grow up. Unfortunately there are many of those now, populating the mud holes, who refuse to grow it. Some have become civic leaders, and business leaders, bankers, billionaires, thieves, and presidents and kings, still playing in the mud holes where nothing is real, where what they lay their hands on is purely imaginary, a wonderland of dreams, which unfortunately does not meet society's real needs.

Far too often an entire country gets dragged into the mud hole by these 'chidren' or by the masters of the mud hole who control them, the masters of empire. Entire nations become trapped there that way, 'inspired' to love the mud-hole enterprises as they become increasingly more greedy, more fascist, more evil, intensely war-focused, and deadly to all the participants and those nearby. 

That's where we are today, as we have been in all the times that are known in history as the Dark Ages. We have seen in history entire nations dying in their mud hole, playing fascist games that no one can survive. The game that Hitler was taught to play by the masters of empire, for example, had tragic consequences that Germany and much of the world has not yet recovered from. While Hitler's Nazi machine was eventually crushed by a global effort, the fascism that Hitler was taught to exemplify, lived on and has become itself a global scourge.

The moral line that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered, and our divine resources for healing.

The escape from the mud hole is simple. All that the 'children' need to do, who are trapped there, is to look up and climb out of their mud hole that they deem to be civilization. They will naturally do this when they recognize that their perceived 'civilization' is a deception. This action, for many, became their first real action towards becoming men and women, discovering their native qualities of God's creating - their innate reason, perspicacity, creativity, productivity, and scientific cognition. 

Scientific cognition is discouraged in the mud hole. It is however a native quality of our common humanity, reflecting the omni action of God that never fades or stops, or is never less than all-supportive. Spiritual action is not possible for mankind, it is its most natural action even at the lowest level in the deepest mud hole, because spiritual action, or omni action, is a basic characteristic of God.

If the omni action characteristic is basic for God, can it be any less basic for us as God's reflection? The original is mirrored in its reflection, or as Mary Baker Eddy has put it, "Principle and its idea is one" (p.465). In the real Universe mankind is well equipped with the power to climb out of its mud hole of deception; escape from the sewers these holes have become, sewers of empire, to reach up for the moral line and then reach above it.

No one can really linger at the moral line. God won't allow us to fall asleep there. The spiritual nature of ourselves is far greater than that of a 'default being' living in the mediocrity of a sleep-like existence, devoid of the divine dynamics, the creative and productive animus that God is, and which is ever present where God is reflected - which includes all. 

God's omnipresence leaves no room for mediocrity or dreaming, much less for any dream walking in the mud holes. God's omnipresence knocks on the door of consciousness and bids us to open the door to higher ground, and to open it wide, and decisively. (This is what the painting Truth verses Error illustrates, which is located at the moral line.)

When one does open the door, one finds the higher ground to be intensely scientific - not intellectually scientific, but spiritually scientific. Intellectually, anything can be justified, as Hitler's beloved philosopher Nietzsche exemplifies. Real Science is spiritual. Christ represents Science, the spiritual idea of God; of Truth; of all that is real; of the world as it really is outside of the mud hole. 

God can only be omniscient in nature, the foundation of Science.  Since this is so, can mankind be less than scientific at its very heart and soul. Whoever rejects Science is on a course of self-denial, a sign that the individual is harboring an attachment to the mud hole, which many are reluctant to let go, and to let go completely. Science, however, confers the power to break those ties to the illusionary world of sleep walking and dreaming. Ultimately we find no satisfaction in anything less than the reflected omniscience of God becoming manifest in our living. Thus we let it be the foundation for our world.

In the mud hole the game is about power. The power that kings seek as they play in their mud hole, who actually do wield power there over their imaginary creations, though this is not real power. It is nothing more than dominion. Dominion has no place in the divine order. In the real Universe where "Principle and its idea is one," there is no dominion of one over another possible. The term Dominion implies a denial of God. Real power unfolds in divine reflection. A divine idea reflects all the power of principle. That is how the Universe operates. And this applies to us all. On this platform man is a powerful being. We would have no power to create or produce anything, and to up uplift and enrich our world, without God's omnipotence that powers the whole Universe, which is also reflected also in us.
See: What is God that Man is an Expression of?

God, omnipotence, is our home and heaven, and our native dwelling place. We are not truly home at any other level, but there is a path outlined for us for the claiming of our divine Heritage. And it is high time that we do this and become familiar with it.

The moral line is critical indeed. 

If we remain stuck in the mud hole we may destroy the whole planet in our sleep walk and dreamy existence, committing follies that have evermore devastating consequences as our material technologies become more and more powerful, which we indeed require to meet our physical needs, but which can also be abused. We now have the technological capability to destroy all life on the planet, and the mud kings have amply demonstrated their unrestrained willingness to to unleash these kinds of horrors against mankind. The consequences have so far remained carefully hidden in order to protect the mud-pool games.

For example, the tiny bit of depleted uranium poisoning of the air with radioactive uranium dust from the use of Deplete Uranium weapons has already caused alarming consequences. The radioactive particles that are dispersed with the weapons use are smaller than the wavelength of light, by which they are invisible to all but electron-beam microscopes. To date, upwards to 5 million kilograms of uranium has been vaporized into the air, with a large portion of this pollution now being distributed throughout the northern hemisphere where these weapons have been used in war. Having become a part of the air that we all breathe, the tiny radiation emitters become inhaled and lodged in the body where their nucleonic charges damage living cells causing a range of 90-plus diseases, primarily cancers and diabetes. Six-fold increases in lung cancer rates has been recorded in the USA shortly after the Iraq war, and the worldwide cases of diabetis-2 have jumped from 30 million cases to 230 million cases. In the same time frame we have also seen such exotic happenings as the mass-death of bees throughout the northern hemisphere; the onset of the exotic bird flu; the general reduction of the insect population, and consequently a reduction of the bird population. 

It might even be that the current pine beetle infestation in North America, which is ten times worse than any previously known and is expected to destroy 80% of North America's western pine forests, may have its origin in the radioactive uranium pollution of the air in the northern hemisphere, as the result of it having devastated the beetle's natural predators. Vast pine forests have been growing in North America for thousands of years, suddenly in the postwar years we see this mass devastation happening, coincident with a whole range of devastating events in the postwar period relative to the mass use of uranium in bombs and munitions in the theatres of war, primarily in the wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Has anybody ever wondered what happened to all the songs of the birds that used to fill the mornings in spring and summer twenty years ago? The spring has become almost silent now in comparison with the late 1980s. The bird's voices have diminished together with the birds. We are now closer to the "silent spring" that Rachel Carson wrote about in her political book with the same title, for which the world's most effective and safest pesticide, DDT, was banned.  Except it wasn't the DDT pesticide that has silenced the birds, since it wasn't allowed anymore even at the cost of the subsequent devastation of human life by the tens of millions from malaria against which the most effective defense had been taken off the shelves by the ban. Instead, the silent spring resulted from the radioactive pollution of the air from uranium weapons, but this tragedy the mud masters refuse to disallow, even while they are prepared to use a hundred times more of the same weapons, which sit pre-positioned on the ground. 

Just consider that the trivial 5 million kilograms of uranium that have been used in weapons so far, may be increased a hundred-fold to judge by the stockpiles of weapons that are already laid up. The result of those games of the mud kings are fast becoming so huge that they threaten to be no longer survivable, considering the numerous consequences.
See: The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb

It becomes essential therefore for society to vacate the offices that currently occupied by the mud-king, of which there are now a great many. A great deal of healing is needed there in the mud hole to get the people dwelling in the mud to higher ground where they are no longer damaging to civilization, and may even become supportive of it. 

A great deal of development along this line needed, and is needed now, and this not only to stop the specter of war that may destroy the world, but also to stop the grand-thievery looting in the financial derivatives gambling that the taxpayers are presently called on to bail out at the tune of tens of trillions of dollars while the productive industries are being collapsed by this insanity around the world, which has already bankrupted almost all U.S. State governments and many nations, and has thrown countless millions of families out of their homes with foreclosure actions. This immense insanity has all by itself the potential to bring down the economic house of mankind and reduce the world population to less than two billion, as the mud kings cry they want to 'achieve.' This tragic potential is real and immediate, with the distance of the resulting crisis now being measured in weeks, or months at the most, rather than in years as in earlier times. The need for healing is therefore 'acute' and immediate, and supercritical. Fortunately the healing is also relatively easy to accomplish on a scientific basis above the moral level.
See the alternative to: economic breakdown

The critical factor is that the world cannot afford a further loss of its creative and productive potential, especially with the return of the Ice Age on the near horizon. The Ice Age cycles that have recurred with clockwork regularity is a feature of the Universe we live in. We have to live with that, and we have the power to do so if we utilize the capacities we have as human beings. The return of the Ice Age doesn't have to cause a crisis, because the technological means are within reach to feed the world from indoor agriculture and to relocate the northern nations whose territory becomes uninhabitable by the resulting increasing glaciation. From a human standpoint this protective response is possible and natural, but not from a standpoint that is rooted in the mud holes. The return of the Ice Age can be faced by creating a great humanist, technological, and economic renaissance, greater than anything yet imagined, which we have the capacity to create, once the mud holes have been vacated. But this the masters of the mud hole, the masters of empire, won't allow to be even contemplated, for the reason that a renaissance would threaten the mud hole. For this very reason hardly anything is ever said in public about the coming Ice Age. The song is about global warming instead that has been turned into another cash cow for the mud kings. The fact is that the global warming hype was started in 1974 when the scientific community became concerned about the need for preparing for the return of the Ice Age. Their concern was brutally hijacked and turned upside down.
See the need to heal the Ice Age collapse

Divine Science requires our native scientific sense for it to be understood and acknowledged.

Mary Baker Eddy's four terms surrounding the moral line, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omni action, can be seen to define our healing resources in the form of qualities of God that relate to specific levels and are by their nature of the utmost importance on the present stage of the world. (The four terms are listed in their original sequence.)

Without a keen scientific sense the current mud hole is seen as paradise

The 'children' who are taught to play in the mud hole, are taught to love to be trapped there. They are taught by the imperial machine. They are taught to sing the song: Isn't it wonderful here? No one has to work to earn a living here. Isn't glorious becoming rich by looting others? It's far simpler just to steal from one another than creating riches that uplift all. The 'children' are taught to sing, isn't it marvelous being millionaires and billionaires and trillionaires, living without a care in the world? They are taught to sing in the mud hole, this is the best there is, it can't get any better. Privatize everything into the mud hole, because what you see here is all there is, folks. 

Of course the mud hole is far too small for the whole world to fit into. This means, folks, that 90% of mankind has no legitimate place to be in a world that is too small now, who should therefore lay themselves down to die. All the mud politicians of the new American empire now preach this song, proclaiming that 90% of mankind has no legitimate place to be or right to exist, and therefore must be made to understand that they must die. "We are a society of the rich now, with no room for the little people," is how the song goes. 

Oh, isn't it grand to live in this mud hole? Well, is it? 

Mary Baker Eddy already understood hundred years ago that it isn't, and what the challenge is for this age to come to terms with, which she has symbolized with the moral line. As if in response she has placed the royal crown, the symbol of the mud hole, at the center of her seal in 1903, evidently to symbolize the depth of the challenge before mankind, which so far no one really wants to even acknowledge as a challenge, much less provide a healing for. Of course this refusal is choking society's normal development path. Nevertheless, society has no option but to respond to what is divinely true, regardless of what is perceived by it as true in the slimy world of the mud hole.

Benjamin Franklin was once asked by some people what kind of a country he was creating for America. His answer is quoted to have been, "I give you a Republic if you can keep it. Mary Baker Eddy might have answered to a similar question, "I give you the greatest healing science ever created on the face our planet, if you can develop it in your spiritual understanding."

A political economist would likely see the answer in terms of "Patriots versus Traitors," as some have put it in many a writing, but Mary Baker Eddy says no. She says, this must be seen in terms of a process of "Truth versus Error," (as I have already indicated earlier). The answer therefore implies a scientific process of distinguishing the real world from the unreal, regardless of what appears to be the mental state of the mud-hole dwellers and their kings. The scientific process of "Truth verses Error" is in real terms the most liberating process there is, including in the physical economic sense. Thus, Mary Baker Eddy has placed the painting Truth versus Error right onto the moral line, which is fast becoming the most critical line for modern civilization. Far more is at stake here than is generally recognized or even imagined.

With a keen scientific sense the limits fall away

The higher we step above the moral line, the greater becomes our productive potential to create a rich, healthy, and free civilization. At the divine level, the top level, the potential is so great that it challenges the imagination. Just look at the natural world that illustrates the potential we truly have as creative beings. Consider the structure of an atom that the Universe has created. It is a construct that is 100,000 times larger than sum of its parts. An atom represents a 100,000-fold gain in creative economics. Can you imagine this as a model for our infrastructure building to create a new world in real terms?

Achieving a 100,000-fold gain in humanist potential 

Yes, this potential is real and can be realized through free high quality housing as a starting platform. The current housing crisis that has become critical in most parts of the world, can be easily resolved on such a platform. It is technologically and economically feasible to create high quality housing in automated processes, and to do this so efficiently and inexpensively that the produced housing can be given away for free as an investment by society into itself. High quality housing is key to a society's humanist self-development. Homelessness and slum living must be seen as a huge waste of society's most precious asset, which is itself; its human potential. A 100,000 fold gain of society's real wealth in living can be easily achieved along this line, and should be pursued immediately to meet a need that is more than critical already.

The easily possible and free high-quality housing will most likely be produced by the millions of units, once this freedom that we already have is realized. The housing units will most likely be manufactured out of molten basalt in ejection molding processes. Basalt is a finely grained stone that becomes liquid at 1,400 degrees Celsius. It is nearly as hard as diamond; none abrasive; none corrosive; stronger than steel by weight; totally fire and rot resistant, and is a better insulator than asbestos. Building materials can't get any better than this. And best of all, the basalt sits process-ready on the ground in near infinite quantities. The reason why it is not widely used is the lack of nuclear power, or electrical systems beyond nuclear power, to make the high-temperature process heat possible for large scale automated processes. 

One this kind of wave of development starts, which is immediately possible, it will revolutionize all forms of manufacturing and uplift the standard of living across the world where unemployment, crime, and poverty currently reign. The potential for general manufacturing is so great that we might see the $100 car in our lifetime, powered by hydrogen fuels running a gas turbine feeding a hydraulic propulsion system. The current automobile production is far too primitive, expensive, and labor intensive to be continued much longer. Humanity is not born to labor in drudgery, but to live as creators and producers of automated systems that take the drudgery out of production. 

A 100,000-fold gain in electric energy production appears to be also at our 'fingertips.' 

No, I am not talking about the much hoped for nuclear fusion power, which is inherently not achievable. Nor will we see a massive increase in uranium based nuclear power, which is likewise inefficient. Thorium in liquid salt reactors provides a vastly greater energy resource than anything under the Sun to date, short of the electric power that powers the Sun itself, supplied by galactic and intergalactic electric currents.  The Earth, being in an orbit near the Sun, is afloat in an untapped, near infinite, see of electric-energy, which when tapped into as a resource will largely obsolete all other electric energy systems. Of course, the science behind this resource is currently forbidden. It is being blocked by the masters of the mud hole who rake in huge profits from the oil industry. But this will likely change in the not-so-distant future.
The Electric Universe and Absolute Power - Solar Power)

A 100,000-fold gain in food-production efficiency.

Right now the world would celebrate if a doubling of the word's food supply could be achieved, which is easily possible since the vast majority of farming is done under absolutely primitive conditions. Except, such a small increase won't help us during the next Ice Age cycle that disables most of the current agricultural production when the temperatures begin to drop as the Ice Age climate develops. By then the technology will have to be ready and the infrastructures created to supply the needs of mankind with indoor agriculture on a vast scale, possibly with facilities stacked up 50 stories high. Prior to this point the enormous unused food-production potential of Africa will likely be developed. In order to enable this development, a series of floating bridges will likely be built across the oceans, made of basalt, connecting all of the world's continents with high speed rail transports for freight. Africa might even be irrigated for agricultural production with diverted waters from the outflow of the Amazon river, transported across the oceans in large-scale submerged basalt pipelines, which might eventually become a global fresh-water network.
The Intercontinental Bridge

None of the above is far fetched. It will happen. Today's big question for society is whether it wants to see this happening in its time, and enjoy the benefits, rather than leaving it up to future ages to develop the human potential that we have the power to realize already today.

So, why do we wallow in poverty, depression, and despair?

The answer is found in society's commitment to its mud-hole culture. It has refused to grow up. It is refusing to even consider the moral line. Oh, it is easy to blame society's tragedy on the mud mentality of its leaders, or as in the case of the USA, to blame the masters of empire who have spent vast sums during election campaigns to bring the most destructive mud kings and traitors into power that money can buy, who are committed and able to destroy the USA in the most effective manner possible, and are doing this, performing their duties well - to eradicate the historic enemy of empire that has been a danger to empire ever since the USA was born and became a free nation. On this ground successive presidents have been 'hired' who have become increasingly destructive, to the point that the end of the nation is now assured by their collective crimes against the nation and humanity, exemplified by the current sitting President, which the nation, and to a large degree the world, cannot survive till the end of his term in office. While the majority of the population is slowly waking up now and would love to see the man, and the ruling traitors in the legislature, to be removed from office, society finds itself nevertheless lacking the moral strength to take the needed steps, even while the very existence of its Republic, and to a large degree its own existence, is at stake.

In conversation recently one fellow wondered with amazement how it has become possible that a single man has amassed the power to destroy an entire nation and the potentially also the world. 

No said another, what I find amazing, is that a society of 300 million finds itself unable to dismiss a hired servant, and servants, who have become destructive to it and endanger its very existence. 

No, said a third, what I find amazing, is that the USA as a nation that gave its all to free the world of the danger of Nazism, now maintains a Hitler in the White House. 

No, said a forth, what I find amazing, is that the very man, Carl Schmidt, who engineered the legal foundation for Hitler's dictatorship rule, has done the same in America with the Unitary Executive doctrine, and that the nation's Supreme Court has openly become 'stocked' with disciples of the doctrine. 

No, said a fifth man, what I find amazing, is that a nation that once stood as a beacon of hope for mankind, has saturated its mental house with a death culture focused on the murdering of human beings, such as in killer games, killer movies, and a counterculture that in so many ways makes human living a joke. 

The answer to all of these concerns appears to be located in society's sadly lacking awareness of the science of the moral line and the consequent lack of society's self-development on the platform of this science.


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