The Alternate Jesus  

The Model of Man

The model presents the functional dynamics of God's reflection in man. It brings all the names for God together into a single, integrated structure where nothing is arbitrary, and everything reflects an intelligently designed purpose.

The model is an exploration model. One knows that it is correct when it can no longer be improved. It is correct for the moment, until Love leads one on to still more-advanced perceptions, and paves the path for their unfolding. 

It is a two-part model made up of seven elements, the seven names for God, which also, together represent the dimension of completeness. One becomes concerned with the model that illustrates the process of spiritual healing in society. It unfolds the Great Law and the concept of the majority of One, and its link deep into spiritual history..

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 3b: The Model of Man" is a video exploration of the dynamics of healing as Christ Jesus may have understood it, not as a God incarnate, but as a human scientific pioneer who has studied the spiritual dimension for thirty years, and its expression in civilization in numerous different arenas.


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