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Brighter than the Sun 

(in the shadow of nuclear war)



In the night of the terror 
(by nuclear bombs)
we can only dream of the Sun.
But our love, the sunshine of the human heart, remains,
and so we discover ourselves as being surrounded by our own light,
that is brighter than the Sun. 


The novel is fiction. It takes us into the twilight between nuclear war and an attempt to prevent it. A new world unfolds in the resulting shadow in which the past no longer applies. Here a quiet search begins for what is ultimately real, for something that goes deeper than conventions. At this point a multithreaded romance begins with an unfolding sense of humanity that comes to light in the form of a natural universal love and brotherhood. Once the conventional institutions become discredited a kind of love that once seemed lost comes back to the foreground as preciously enduring and evermore valid as the artificial axioms fall away. 

The multifaceted love is reflected in the stories of five families; two Russian, one Canadian, one Japanese, and one American. Their adventures take us on a voyage across fifteen time zones against a background that is constantly changing. They take us to a new life in Russia where the protagonists face some rather perplexing challenges and tragedies, but also triumphs from the depth of their growing love that gradually becomes brighter. However, they soon find themselves forced to having to flee again in the face of the old imperial mentality that still rules in the background and reasserts itself.

The novel is focused on exploring the vital issues in building a richer and brighter civilization. Hence the title: Brighter than the Sun. -

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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher


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