The ONLY dangerous effect on humanity of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine 

The Oligarchic Predatory Effect


The dangerous folly of society to allow the oligarchic predatory practice!
The Carrying Capacity Doctrine applies here, and it will destroy humanity if it is not blocked.

The Lotka-Volterra equations really do apply here, which is the only context in which they apply to humanity. In this case they reflect the interdependent relationship of the predatory oligarchy (empire) and the preyed upon populations of humanity that are presently collapsing under the predatory effect of a looting oligarchy, which has no creative and productive capacity but is purely predatory in nature and has taken on countless different forms.

While the absolute numbers presented in this illustration do not apply, their dynamic relationship to each other fairly accurately reflects the actual history of civilization. Point A reflects the 1400s when the oligarchy practice, expressed primarily through the banking institutions of the various monetarist empires, destroyed the physical productive capacity of society and its power to maintain its existence, that thereby collapsed. The European population collapsed 30% to 50% at the time.

The scene changed dramatically at point B, in the 17th and 18th Centuries, when people, escaping the oligarchic system, established a new living in America and gained a certain degree of freedom from oligarchic predation. The freedom that thereby became established became expressed in the scientific and industrial revolution that was quickly reflected throughout the world. However, in the early 1900s the oligarchic system became massively reestablished in America, especially in the shadow of the Federal Reserve Act of December 1913 that literally created 'Wall Street' in a development leading up to point C.

While the American population still remains relatively stable, its creative and industrially productive capacity has already collapsed by two thirds and is on the steep slope towards the zero-line.

The only obvious cure for this genocide now in progress, is for society to break itself free from the predatory oligarchic system before its total collapse is incurred. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt attempted the shutdown of the oligarchic system in America with the Glass Steagall legislation that separated the predatory investment banking by the empire institutions, from commercial banking, as a means for protecting society from excessive predation. The legislation had a powerfully liberating effect that had enabled America to rebuild itself into the most powerful industrial economy in the world and the richest nation on the planet. 

This is all history now. The Glass Steagall Act was massively attacked in the postwar period, then amended repeatedly till it remained as but a skeleton, until it was finally rescinded. The political fight that the American Economist Lyndon LaRouche has been leading for more than a decade to get Glass Steagall reinstated, is focused on breaking America away from the collapse process at point C where we are presently at.

The Glass Steagall fight is really an emergency fight to wake society up, to break it away from the oligarchic predatory process, which according to the Carrying Capacity equation, society cannot survive, past point C.

The deindustrialization has cut immensely deep in America. Many industries have already been destroyed by predation, and the financial system is so totally bankrupt that it stands as but a lifeless empty shell. The American Dollar, too, is essentially dead. With 50 trillion dollars already given away in the bank-bailout process, in the form of 'money printing' both by the U.S. Congress and by the Federal Reserve, the dollar has been hyper inflated into the world of fictitious values where nothing represents any real value anymore. The Glass Steagall fight is a fight to break away from all that - for society to be able to "breathe the free air" again and to rebuild itself.

Here an additional factor enters the scene:
the factor of the Ice Age Challenge

Here the question becomes important of what society will focus on to rebuild itself when it frees itself from oligarchic predation that is presently collapsing it. Lyndon LaRouche, the only politician in the world who actually thinks in post-oligarchic terms, has proposed a few years ago that a vast infrastructure development project is required to quickly restore employment and economic activity. For this the 1960s NAWAPA project has been put onto the table for the post-oligarchic world. NAWAPA is a 50-year development project of vast proportions, the largest ever imagined, to divert a portion of the rivers flowing from Alaska into the sea, south to irrigate the deserts in the southern USA and Mexico, with irrigation projects along the way. This would be a huge undertaking if it would be built, that would require the building of 360 major individual projects of building dams, tunnels, aqueducts, pump-lifts, and reservoirs. It would immediately create 3 to 6 million jobs and enable the revival of America's dying industry. Here is where the additional factor comes into play.

The additional factor is the return of the Ice Age glaciation that is on the near horizon. The transition may be still 50 or 100 years distant, or it may have already begun. When it begins, according to historic data locked in ice core samples and other evidence, it promises to disable agriculture rather quickly all across the northern hemisphere, down to the 40 degree latitude line that was roughly the permafrost line during the last glaciation period, generally referred to as, the Ice Age. In order to prevent the total collapse of civilization when the bulk of humanity's agriculture, and thereby its food supply, becomes disabled, large infrastructure projects are required to be build as soon as possible, to create a new agricultural base both in the southern deserts and afloat on the tropical seas. Those are not small projects, but the materials, energy, and required technologies are fully available. However, the implementation is not an instant one by any means. The implementation requires large developments of industrial infrastructures, nuclear power, and transportation, before the building of the new agricultural base can even begin. In this context the proposed NAWAPA project, which would have been a brilliant project in the 1960s as it would have prevented the takedown of Glass Steagall, now stands before us as potentially the most deadly and devastating, even genocidal project in the entire history of civilization. If NAWAPA was implemented at the present stage, as envisioned in the 1960s design, it would consume the few years that humanity may still have left to meet the Ice Age Challenge to create an entirely new platform for agriculture in the world. If the creating of the needed new agriculture in the southern areas where the Ice Age would have little impact, would be prevented, civilization on this planet would end. People cannot live without food. Civilization cannot survive when the bulk of the food supply becomes lost. Nor can the new agriculture that would prevent the collapse of civilization, be build in a reactionary mode. Once the northern agriculture becomes disabled, which can happen quickly and all around the hemisphere simultaneously, it is too late to start building an alternative. The alternative needs to be built now. If NAWAPA were to become implemented, it would shift the focus away from this critical need, and by preventing its fulfillment, collapse civilization more devastatingly than a full-scale worldwide nuclear war. NAWAPA thus stands before us as the potentially most devastating project of all times.

How close is the return of the Ice Age, and how certain is our ability to forecast it?

Lyndon LaRouche insists that humanity has still a thousand years left in its current nicely warm interglacial period. He bases his perception on the slow mechanistic changes in the orbital characteristics of the Earth around the Sun, which involve a combination of cycle times of 26,000 years, 41,000 years, and 100,000 years in length, called the Milankovitch Cycles. These cycles that do affect changes in the regional and seasonal exposure of the Earth to the Sun, were once thought to be the cause for the Ice Ages. This perception is fast loosing ground in the scientific community for two reasons. One is that these cycles have no effect on the total solar energy received by the Earth. They only affect seasonal and regional distribution. The second reason is that the computed values of the Milankovitch cycles do not match the historic data. In several cases interglacial periods happened 10,000 years before their computed cause. Effect before cause doesn't happen in the real world. The orbital cycles are therefore secondary in nature, reflecting a larger overriding cause. This cause can only be detected in considering the nature of cosmic electrodynamics.

Our universe is an electrically organized and powered plasma universe. In real terms, not nuclear fusion, but plasma electricity powers our Sun. When changes in plasma density occur, which typically occur in cycles in electric systems, the solar activity changes accordingly and with it the climate on Earth. Changes in the solar activity level causes changes in the strength of the heliosphere around the sun that creates a protective shield against interstellar cosmic radiation. It is well understood that cosmic radiation is a critical factor for cloud formation on Earth. When the solar activity gets weaker, which is the present trend that began in 1998, the protective shield against cosmic ray intrusion becomes weaker, the cosmic-ray density increases, cloud formation increases with it, which increases the white mantle around the Earth that reflects a portion of the solar energy back into space. As a result, the Earth gets colder. In broad terms, this is the dynamic process that causes Ice Ages. It is also known that electric cycles can change relatively quickly, and can occur in the form of discharge pulses, similar to the dump buckets that kids love in the various water parks. It is known from ice core data that the historic interglacial periods have occurred in the form of short pulses of approximately 12,000 years in duration with long periods in between in the range of 90,000 years. It has also been discovered in the ice core records that very large temperature swings have occurred in the transition zone, some lasting just decades, which too, is typical for electric discharge cycles.

While no one can foretell when the next transition will begin, or whether it has already begun, it can be stated with certainty that it will happen soon. Zbigniew Jaworowski, (M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.), chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, points out in his paper, The Ice Age is Coming, that the transition is already 500 years overdue. While he makes no predictions, he cites other sources that suggest that it may be happening in 50 to 150 years, which he seems to regard as credible in considering his own 50 year career in exploring glacial samples out of 17 glaciers on 6 continents.

The point here is that it is immoral to the extreme to ignore the potential return of the Ice Age for which numerous precursors have already been recognized. The NAWAPA project for the post-oligarchic world falls into this category. It would be criminally insane to proceed with such a project, instead of focusing on the Ice Age Challenge that requires humanity to create protected indoor agriculture and agriculture located far into the South, and related projects, without which civilization will not be able to survive the transition to glaciation.

Of course, the same also must be said about the countless efforts to prevent the Glass Steagall restoration. If the breakout from oligarchic predation does not occur before the collapse of society into total impotence happens, the Ice Age Challenge cannot be met, whereby civilization ends. Also, it is highly unlikely that the Glass Steagall restoration effort will be able to develop the momentum to succeed without the imperative of the Ice Age Challenge standing behind it.

The bottom line is, that the survival of civilization is presently hanging in the balance on the thread of one single issue, the issue of recognizing the universe as a dynamically operating electric universe, rather than a mechanistic one. The recognition of this issue has been blocked for decades by oligarchic interventions in an effort to save the oligarchic system. Whether humanity succeeds in saving its civilization literally depends on its scientific honesty that would enable its breakout from the oligarchic stranglehold on its science.


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