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The New Ice Age ahead in 30 years should rouse us to reach for new horizons 


The Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance 
the Renaissance of the 21st Century and beyond


The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years, called the Pleistocene Epoch. The long Ice Age is periodically interrupted with nicely warm interglacial pulses that shower us with idyllic warmth, like the repeating discharge pulses of a dump bucket in water parks. 

Now that the dump bucket is empty, a New Ice Age epoch is dawning. The Earth's return to its normal glaciation climate, named the Pleistocene Epoch, has begun.

Our current interglacial holiday from the normally cold Pleistocene climate, which has been named the Holocene Epoch, can be likened to a discharge pulse from a dump bucket at the stage when the last 'drops' are coming down the ramp. 

The dump bucket at Cedar Falls IA Aquatic Center

Our interglacial climate pulse is near the end of its course. The big interglacial 'splash' is fading. A New Ice Age stands before us. The transition has already begun. The climate of our world is in an accelerating trend of systemic transformation with enormous consequences for the world's agriculture in terms of increasing flooding, drought conditions, untimely frosts, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Even increasing earth quakes are a part of the transition precursors.


Ice core samples from central Greenland tell us that the 'normal' climate of the Pleistocene Ice Age Epoch that has ruled the Earth for 85% of the time since the dawn of humanity, has been typically 30 to 50 times colder than the Little Ice Age of the 1600s had been, in which 10% of the population of Europe perished from starvation. 

This is the kind of world we are getting into, of an unimaginable severity, the kind of severity that results when the Sun goes inactive with a 70% lower energy radiation.

While the immense challenge of living under a colder and dimmer Sun, stands before us, we foolishly allow our economies to collapse by deindustrialization; financial looting; games of empire; genocidal ideologies for the depopulation of the world, implemented with the mass-burning of food; and politics that demand perpetual strife and perpetual war, and this in the shadow of increasing resource depletion. 

While all of these problems are artificially created, and can be resolved by the powers inherent in our humanity as children of an intelligent universe, the ice age challenge is not optional. The nuclear-war danger is optional. We can end it in a week is we decide to do so, but the Ice Age cannot be side-stepped. We must master this challenge by applying the powers that we have already developed and have within reach. Thus the ice age challenge demands us to open the door to our 'divine' humanity as never before. On this path, all the myriad problems that are collapsing our civilization in the present, with greed, impotence, war, poverty, hunger, and fascism, and so on, are bound to pale into insignificance and fall by the wayside along the way. This is not a path that can be avoided, to be addressed in the far future. The path needs to be pursued now. We may have only 30 years left to do it, before the Sun becomes inactive and the next ice age begins.

In order to be able to live in the coming glaciation environment with a radically dimmer Sun, we need to create new agricultural resources that are far out of reach of the deep Ice Age cooling that results from a dimmer and cooler Sun. While there is little land available in the deep tropical regions for placing the needed new agriculture there, the land challenge can be met by placing large-scale agriculture afloat onto the equatorial seas, between the hurricane zones, with integrated floating cities and floating bridges connecting the continents.

While building the needed infrastructures seems at first glance like an immense challenge, the challenge  is rather easily met with basalt as the new 'steel' of the future, processed in high temperature automated industrial processes powered with nuclear energy, to start with, until the readily available cosmic electric-energy resources render nuclear power obsolete. 

The resources for a bright and infinite future are available to humanity in great abundance, together with the technologies to use them. With the new materials, and new energy resources, applied to automated processes in a new industrial revolution, society finds the power in its humanity produce vast infrastructure for its living, such as high-quality modularized houses that it produces by the millions, which can be produced with so little effort, even today, that we could provide the complete housing units to each other for free, like highways are provided for free. 

This type of advanced human development, for example, would enrich society as an investment into itself towards the brightest future of all times. The potential for this already exists today. (see: Real Debt and Credit )

The reason why we don't realize the existing potential, is not a physical one, of course. It is a spiritual, scientific, and moral one. It results from the tragic neglect by which the scientific spiritual development of humanity has been forced to lag far behind humanity's requirement. 

While the great challenge before us can be met, the focus for meeting it needs to be wide enough to cover the numerous converging aspects. For this reason I have divided the Ice Age challenge into four zones that pertain to specific challenges. In this context I have focused the most critical zone of the exploration onto the pioneering spiritual work of  Mary Baker Eddy who stands unsurpassed to the present day in the field of exploring the scientific principles of the divinity of God and humanity. 

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