Big Bang 3 - "Lord of the Rings" & The American Paradox:


Uphold the platform of civilization without compromise, instructs Tolkien. America compromised with the Glass Steagall law, in 1933, and now suffers the consequences.

Glass Steagall was a compromise. It allowed the empire of monetarist looting to coexist with anti-entropic economics. By the compromise that law was doomed from the outset. A civilization cannot stand on two opposite platforms, the platforms of entropy and anti-entropy. Empire is an entropic system of legal stealing via monetarist looting, such as Wall Street, that tears economies down. America was built on the anti-entropic platform of national credit to uplift the general wealth and welfare of society by its self-development. This platform was compromised by allowing the 'Empire of Wall Street' to continue in 1933.

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