Big Bang 4 - Colonial Age & Glass Steagall Compromise


Both colonialism and America's attempt to free itself from it with the Glass Steagall law are world-historic failures wrought by the compromise that upholds entropy in civilization. Colonialism failed thereby, as did Glass Steagall in America. Both attempts to compromise were immensely tragic for the nations of the world, and still are, as in the case of the 'Euro Colonial System.'

Both the colonial system and the Glass Steagall legislation, were attempts to shield civilization from the destructive effects of the built-in entropy of the imperial, oligarchic system. The goal should have been to eradicate the entropic systems. Society' submitting itself to them, in the form of a compromise, is comparable to it inviting rape upon itself. The result is tragic in every case. The Big Bang theory has the same effect, as a platform with an empty center.


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