Big Bang 5 - The Need for Looking Forward


By remaining latched to the past in science, economics, and politics, humanity stands in denial of its anti-entropic nature, and its thereby infinite potential that is already demonstrated in principle by humanity's amazingly expanding population by means of scientific, cultural, and technological progress. 

The amazing evidence stands as a beacon for us in the present, for meeting the vastly greater requirements on all of these fronts for meeting the Ice Age Challenge. This includes not only anti-entropic energy and freshwater development on a worldwide scale, but also anti-entropic economics to get the needed infrastructures built before the already-near Ice Age Transition occurs in potentially the 2050s.

This gigantic scene of opportunities takes us far beyond the entropy of the Big Bang theory and its empty center. It takes us all the way to rediscovering ourselves as the supreme being on the Earth that has just begun to peck open its shell. On this basis the California Water Crisis con be solved, such as with the principle of Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination, which is completely self-powering, causing rivers of freshwater to flow out of the ocean, independent of climate.


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