Big Bang 1- Entropy versus Anti-Entropy: a free science video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Big Bang theory of an explosively expanding and self-consuming entropic universe defies all visible evidence and reason. Its "Doppler Effect, Red-Shift theory" is self-evidently false, which blows away the prime postulate that the Big Bang theory is built on. 

Let's celebrate that the Big Bang theory is false, because if it was true, humanity would have no hope. All of our presently used energy fuels are fast becoming depleted. At the present rate, oil and nuclear fuels, will be depleted in 60 years. Then what? What will power humanity for its future millions of years?

Fortunately, the universe is anti-entropic in nature. It is self-creating, self-powering, self-enriching, self-advancing. Nothing is winding down. Neither is our humanity winding down, but is self-advancing by the same principle. Humanity stands in defiance of entropy. It stands as the pinnacle of anti-entropic life, endowed with the scientific and technological capacity to tap into the electric energy streams that power the universe. With it, humanity has the power to create itself an infinite, energy-rich future, standing in defiance of the ice ages and of their consequences. This truth will assure our future past the point when the currently used energy fuels are depleted.

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