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The Big Bang Cosmology would have the universe hyper-explosively expanding, even while it is winding down towards its inherent energy depletion death. It has become the model for an equivalent economic system, if one can call it that. The result is the system of empire that spreads itself across the world, explosively, as an engine to acquire wealth by looting instead of creating, which promptly collapses economies and thereby the value of the stolen loot that stands as a claim against a dying economy.

Since empires exist by stealing, empire drives for war. All wars in history have been instigated by the forces of empire for the purpose of stealing. This is the only platform that empires that empire can exist on. The platform is destructive, as stealing and wars inherently are. The platform is thereby entropic, and as a consequence self-collapsing. All empires have collapsed on this platform, and with them the societies that have allowed themselves to be dominated by them.

Empire's cycle of entropy has been subsequently projected onto the universe, with the Big Bang theory to give empire a legitimate face.

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