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with the eye of the mind

We can 'see' with the mind what eyes cannot behold even while our vision has vastly increased with advanced technological instrumentation. The advanced technologies present to us evidence that has never been accessible to us before, but the technologies are insufficient for presenting to us the principles that the evidence is but an image of. The heart of the truth unfolds only in the human mind with the process of discoveries. Without the discoveries of the truth in the mind, the evidence becomes colored by faith in fairy tales of interpretation.

The exploration series is focused on the process of discovering the truth based on the recognition of universal principles, contrary to faith in fairy tales.


Welcome to the Ice Age Academy:
Science explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The greatest 'telescope' is the human mind. With it we can see the foundations of truth that civilization is built on, if care to 'see' with the mind. 

How to know the truth

The Pythagorean theorem is easy to prove on the basis of Socrates' Meno dialog. An uneducated boy can do it, without geometry and mathematics. He can know the truth absolutely. 

Seeing the True Sun

How do we know what is true about our Sun?

Dark Matter Discovered

Is there "dark matter?"

Yes! It's 99.999% of the universe.

Ice Age 2050s: 'Certainty'

Is the next Ice Age near? Yes!

Should we be concerned? Yes again!

# 1- Entropy versus Anti-Entropy

No red-shift Doppler Effect, no empty center, and no energy depletion exists, but a boundless future with anti-entropic cosmic electric energy.

Supplemental: Freshwater & Energy

# 2 - Entropy - Empire - Economics

Empire exists by stealing. Wars are for stealing. Civilization exists by human creativity and self-financed production

# 3 - "Lord of the Rings" & The American Paradox:

Entropy and anti-entropy are opposite platforms. Tolkien warns: Do not compromise! The Kingdom of Entropy equals doom.

# 4 - Colonial Age & Glass Steagall Compromise

Colonialism is an attempt to compromise with entropy, as did Glass Steagall. Both compromises failed tragically.

# 5 - The Need for Looking Forward

Being latched to the past is a denial of the anti-entropic nature of humanity. Progress means moving forward, as solving the California Water Crisis.

Supplemental: Freshwater & Energy

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