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The Incompetence of the King

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


by which civilization is in danger to be lost

The subject of the incompetence of modern leadership is extensively explored in a fictional setting in Chapter 4 of my novel "Winning Without Victory." (the novel is free online, and is also available for free as a PDF e-book)

In Chapter 4 of the novel, though it was written many years ago, the story mirrors almost exactly today's current situation as we presently face the march towards another World War that has the potential of becoming a thermonuclear war, the kind of war that no one will likely survive. 

Ironically, considering the extreme consequences, society finds itself unwilling to take the needed actions to stop the one person at the highest post of political power, a man who calls himself a leader, a leader to destruction; who occupies the post of the U.S. President, but who by his insanity is committed to the destruction of humanity on behalf of his masters, the oligarchy of the old British Empire that has bought the little man to carry out the dictates of the empire's utterly decadent and fascist culture that rules all facets of imperial rule as it has for century. All wars are staged as wars of empire against humanity, but yet through all this time humanity, with few exceptions, refuses to defend itself, and yields itself up to be slaughtered. 

The tragic phenomenon still lingers on. It lingers on even in the face of nuclear war that threatens the extinction of humanity. Yes, that's where we stand today, with the train to hell fully on track and moving full speed ahead. This part is not fiction. It is the political scene of today's world, in Dec. 2012. War against Syria and Iran is on the table, and beyond that, against Russia, India, and China. The war drive is an echo of the collapsing world financial system.

Except, why should this be so? Why are the leaders of society incompetent, including society itself, even while society is facing the gravest danger in all of human history?

For the answer the concept of a universal God becomes significant.  During every war, countless times the question was asked, if there is a God, why doesn't he or she stop the murderous madness or prevent it? Is God failing? Is God incompetent? No! God is Love. Love gives all, protects all, and nourishes all including society and civilization. Whenever Love is richly expressed, war is not a possibility. Every bullet that pierces the flesh is a bullet that cuts into the heart of love. It is a bullet fired into the face of God.

Whenever society gave itself a rich period of peace, progress, security, and development, the Principle of Universal Love stood behind the unfolding renaissance. The power of this renaissance always stood in proportion of the reflected Principle of Universal Love coming to light in the hearts and minds of society. It is the substance of civilization. If this substance is lacking, civilization decays into dust. As a consequence wars follow in due course when the threshold of lovelessness is crossed. When this happens, it isn't God who is failing. The divine Principle Love never fails, just as the physical principle of universal gravity never fails. When society drops into war, it is society who is failing itself by having distanced itself from the substance of civilization.

The correction for this failure cannot be achieved with mere political process, such as by changing the leaders. The change of leadership to remove the war-criers, and war-makers, is at best a band aid measure, nor can it likely be achieved without the Principle of Universal Love driving the process. Thus, for the lack of this principle being expressed the tyrant who cries for war cannot be removed from office and remains in power. Without this principle guiding it, society lacks the power to assert itself to protect and advance its civilization.

In today's world the situation has become grim. With the ever-deepening loss of the Principle of Universal Love in its heart, society is dropping ever deeper towards the lowest levels where it crosses the threshold that bars nuclear war. We may not be far from it. We are certainly closer to it today than we have ever been before. In the past, nuclear war had been primarily intended as a means for terrorizing society into impotence, in order to make it more compliable with imperial demands. We have now come to the threshold where that which had never been intended to become real, is now intended to happen in a big way, and to happen towards the long-declared intention to reduce the human presence on this planet to less than a billion people from the current level of seven billion. Society's love in its heart, even for itself, has become so small that it lacks the impetus to take a stand against the plans for its elimination from the face of the planet. Then, when nuclear war breaks out as it will on the present course, the vast segment of society that it will eliminate is of a humanity that is largely already dead as human beings.

Security in the world, thus rests squarely with humanity's reawakening to the most fundamental principle of civilization, the Principle of Universal Love. The reawakening was only rarely achieved in history, but it was powerful when it was achieved. It gave us the Golden Renaissance, and in later years (1648) the Peace of Westphalia that still stands as a foundation for modern civilization, precarious as this may be.

Of course, the story in the novel, while it echoes many aspects of our present situation, is totally fictional in nature. What happens today defies the imagination of the fiction writer. We have dropped to such deep levels of decadence as would have seemed impossible three decades ago when the Cold War was raging. And so, the novel deals with the subject lightly. Nevertheless the direction in thinking has remained essentially the same, though less developed then.

In the novel, the protagonist, Peter, a junior U.S. diplomat with connection behind the Iron Curtain, has been tasked to inquire from his contact, Steve, a close personal friend, how the unfolding deep financial collapse in the West that is happening in the timeline of the novel is being seen by the Soviet's. Will the Soviets exploit the weakness in the West to strike the West down, or should the West preempt such a strike? Or could the West venture the risk to do nothing? 

The entire chapter deals with this question of where the imperative lies.

The meeting takes place deep inside the Communist Sector of Germany.

To continue link to the book online: Winning Without Victory - select Chapter 4.
The novel is Volume 3 of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose

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