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God is Love

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels


Universal Love is a human expression

I can't tell you what Love is. It is something that one cannot define with so many words. However, if one lets it dissolve and fade away, the human race dissolves with it. Civilization dissolves into fragmentation, isolation, confrontation, and war. 

We only know about Love that if we choke its expression to death, mankind dies with it. It's as simple as that. But if we acknowledge its expression in our loving, then...

I don't think we do really know what happens then, when mankind acknowledges Love as the substance of its civilization, because this has never truly happened on the universal scale, has it?

(from the novel, Endless Horizons, Chapter 4)


But why should we deny the loveliness around us and not respond to it with love? 
Why shouldn't we celebrate love at every chance we get? 
Love is divine, profound, the greatest thing in the world; it is generous, kind, enriching and ennobling.

The name of humanity is Love
from the novel, Discovering Love

Steve nodded. "The name of mankind, first and foremost, is Love. This makes us richer than we yet imagine. But will we experience those riches? Love should be reflected in our being. I think it will be so reflected if we give ourselves half a chance to have it that way. The Sublime is the essence of God or the Intelligence of the Universe, the one IS that is reflected in universal humanity. God and the Sublime is One. This One that is reflected in our humanity is multifold in office. As Mary said, it is Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. Nothing is greater than these. In them we are defined. The Sublime is our humanity, and what is more worthy a celebration than the Sublime, especially the celebration of Love? We truly embrace our humanity when we dwell in Love, when we embrace it in all its manifestations. Then we celebrate that which is greater than us, but which is reflected in us. We are not the authors of Love. We are celebrating the ultimate that is the essence of our being. We find its light in the flow of loving. We are celebrating the all-inclusive, IS. But we can't celebrate this truly unless we include all mankind universally in that celebration, just as we see it so included by the Intelligence of the Universe. This is also why I invited you to stay tonight. A celebration is mandated to fulfill the two laws of which the Master of Christianity said, that on them hang all the other laws, and all the wisdom that is reflected in civilization. We really have no choice in this matter, do we? The alternative is to let it all go, to succumb to adulterated perceptions whereby we drop into the sewer and become slaves to the sewer rats, or become the rats ourselves. The way I see it, celebrating the Sublime in all its vast dimensions, that are all knowable and understandable, is the most natural thing to do for a human being. So I asked you, and I asked Ushi, if you both want to celebrate what we have talked about all night, which in fact you had already begun to celebrate much earlier, probably at the moment when you met at the beach and fell in Love, when you became submerged in it. Wasn't that a celebration right from the start? You probably weren't aware of it, but that's what it was. I am asking you therefore, why should the celebration end? You have celebrated all evening. Why should it end now? In fact, it should never end. As the Master of Christianity said in essence, on this kind of celebration hangs the whole of civilization."

"Aren't you taking this a bit too far?" I interjected.

"This can't be taken too far, Peter. Everything hangs on the Sublime, from economics to politics to social structures. The Sublime is an absolute state of reflection in human consciousness that is free of any adultery, and circumcision of any kind, and anything that is in need of healing. As the master of Christianity said, everything hangs on the Sublime. If we let go of it, everything drops into the sewer, including our economics, politics, relationships, everything becomes small and impotent and lifeless. Then people become traitors to themselves and become slaves to empire. Then the economies collapse, the world-financial systems collapses, and the social systems becomes a maze of barriers, betrayals, and tragedies in which the light of intimacies becomes extinguished, and the Principle of the General Welfare becomes unknown and so remote that it becomes almost unknowable from a point on. That is also why the world-financial systems are in the process of collapsing already, and while they will disintegrate without fail, unless a healing halts the process. I don't know which day this will happen. I only know for certain that it will happen if the world isn't healed. Whenever systems of whatever type are created that are far from the Sublime, their disintegration is assured, because without the Sublime, nothing in human systems reflects the Principle of the General Welfare as a minimal platform. The collapse of society is assured thereby. Society can only be saved when the defective systems are scrapped and replaced with new ones that are rooted in the Sublime, and are born in celebration of it. We had such systems once, Peter, economic and social systems, that were rooted in the Sublime and born in the celebration of it. Our country was founded on one of these and prospered by it. This system was so different from any other system that it was called the American System of Political Economy. The American System is a system of economics that is intentionally rooted in the Sublime. The evidence is that it reflects in its design the Principle of the General Welfare. That is its beacon-light, its music, and its profundity for celebration. America was founded on this system. It was also founded as a federal credit society -- a society uttering itself financial credits that are directed to the building of infrastructures for civilization. This became its economic system. When America let go of that on the day before Christmas in 1913, America joined the rats in the sewer. With that single act the American people became slaves in their own country, slaves to the liberal system of private monetarist looting. America is still in that sewer, together with much of the world. If we don't get out of it before the whole thing blows up, we may die as civilization becomes gradually drowned in the resulting gore that will likely persist across a long-extended New Dark Age, the kind that will then most likely overlap with the start of the next Ice Age cycle."

(from the novel, Discovering Love, Chapter 17)

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