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Songs of Love

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels


As God is Love
 the power of civilization cannot stand on anything less

Love is the minimal standard that we cannot drop below and remain free.

A story about songs of Love

Among the families of the kings was a wise prince, who in time became king himself. As king, he ruled in an oppressed kingdom that was kept under the thumb of the mightiest empire in that region. But even while still being a prince, the royal heir developed a great love for his kingdom and his people. His love was such that it had also inspired his people's love for one-another. Later, after he became the ruler of the land, he hired the best poets and musicians that he could find, to compose songs of love with such purity and power, as would be needed to inspire a revolution for the freedom of the kingdom from its imperial oppressor.

It turned out that the revolution succeeded. The people became free. Except, in the euphoria of their freedom, the songs of love that had inspired them to grasp their freedom had drifted into the background and had soon vanished from sight, and from their mind. Other songs, songs of greed, replaced them. In their greed, the people became oppressors themselves, of one-another, and this in more cruel ways than the imperial oppressors had oppressed them before.

It was in this period of darkness that a holy man started to sing the old songs again before the king. He sang them without a comment, and without a prayer, as none of these were needed since the king understood the message of the holy person. But who of the people of the kingdom would sing those songs again? 

The king asked the holy man. He received no answer. He longed to know, if it was possible once more, for anyone in the kingdom to inspire the people with songs of love for freedom, in the darkness of their deepest depression, when the darkness of their depression was so deep that it was deemed to be light, and freedom.

The king received no answer to his questions. He determined that new songs should be written, but who of his people could write such songs in the darkness of the perversion that the people considered a panacea?

As it turned out, the king never found the answer to his puzzle. He died shortly thereafter by the sword of an assassin. The king took the puzzle with him to his grave.

(from the novel, Roses at Dawn in and Ice Age World, Chapter 13)

The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

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