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The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels


God is ever-present Principle,
 our private world and civilization are shaped by it
as we are moving with it and become one with it,
or isolate ourselves from it, moving against it on a path of tragedy.

An advanced scientific platform for healing
drawn by discovery
seen amazingly in moments of great trial as 
The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

Helen confided to me that as a child she had been taught to look up to God in prayer and pray for his love for her. She suggested to me that this type of hierarchical model for identifying oneself isolates one from ones native humanity and from one-another. "It isolates. It doesn't heal anything."

Moments later she described to me what it means to heal. She described it by relating her own experience in helping to heal a friend. Her friend had been in hospital undergoing extensive surgery. She told me that twenty minutes after the procedure had been scheduled to start, she had felt a sickening feeling. She felt a crisis was happening.

She told me that she had focused herself mentally onto that person's needs, who would be operated on. She said, she became sensitive to his needs. She said, that she had sensed a critical need for help. She said, that simultaneously with that feeling, images came to mind of the dimensions of Truth that she knew of our humanity. She told me that she saw images of a wide array of human hearts all connected horizontally with one-another, arrayed side by side in a lateral relationship. She said that she saw a vast network of hearts bound to each other in this lateral lattice of our human world, all sharing and supporting one-another physically -- each heart contributing some of its strength in support of the strength of her friend's heart in this moment of need during his operation. She said, that she sensed his need for some extra strength. She said that she saw images of a universal flow of support meeting her friend's need in a process that reflected the lateral flow of Love as the light of our universal humanity. She said that she clung to this image that appeared in the mind until the mental atmosphere became quiet again and a sense of peace returned. She also said, that this awareness of a crisis soon reasserted itself and brought the same response to her mind.

She told me that this process repeated itself two times, with quiet periods in between. At these three different occurrences, she had become aware of a critical need for help. She told me that her response had always been the same. It had emerged with equal clarity, unfolding with visual images of what she had understood to be universal Truth. The images that she saw were based on the science that she had explored in the years before, which she had frequently felt the efficacy of, in her own experiences.

Helen explained to me that this image of a lateral lattice of interconnected human hearts was not a dream image, conjured up in the intensity of the moment. She said it reflected a profound perception of a reality that she had long recognized and had learned to be in Love with as the reality of her being and that of the whole of the Universe.

She said, that after two-and-a-half-hours, in which these cycles were repeated as cycles of supporting realizations founded on an underlying discovered Truth, the discernment of a need suddenly stopped.

"The mind became very quiet," said Helen. "Even though the surgery wasn't supposed to be finished for another hour, the mental atmosphere became totally still. A great peace came over me," she said. "Evidently, the crisis had passed."

She told me that her friend looked wonderful when she came to visit him in the hospital late that afternoon. She saw a glowing face, a brightly radiant expression. She said that what she saw surprised her for a moment, because it was so radically inconsistent with someone coming out of surgery just hours earlier.

"That is what being in Love means," she said to me. "Being in Love is really a scientific process. It unfolds with a flow of healing."

(from the novel, Discovering Love, Chapter 10)

The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

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