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Me? I just Love

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels


God is divine Spirit:
 the spirit of good, the spirit of Life, of creation enveloped in Love


"Why shouldn't we love?" is Olive's answer in my novel, The Ice Age Challenge

Me? I just Love

"You are an amazing woman," I said to her. "You are one of the most amazing women I've ever met. You are a beautiful person, intelligent, kind, and generous beyond comparing. If the whole of mankind was like you, our planet would be brighter than the Sun."

"Me, generous?" she said. "I should call YOU that. You are flattering me, Peter. I just love. That's all I do. That all I can do. That's all I need to do. It's Love that is generous. I just love, and so do you, obviously. All nature tells us that Life is Love, and Love is generous in loving. Every tree is a profusion of generosity, and likewise every flower, even the humble grass. How can I be any less, both towards myself and others? Every spring the trees are festooned with blossoms, and in the fall with seeds and fruit. And later still, at harvest time the fields are golden with the profundity of their boundless yield. All of nature is incredibly beautiful and generous. How can we be any less? No one can be so poor as not having the resources to be generous on this platform. We can share our love. We can share our ideas. And we can share our sex generously for one another. Of course it doesn't happen if there isn't a caring for one-another. The caring may be the first step in opening the great heart of Generosity. 

"The Universe has made us incredibly rich in creating us as men and women with our built-in sexual complementary attraction to one-another," Olive continued in a quieter tone. "When loving is honest, generosity is on the agenda, sexual and otherwise. But the preacher says, don't you dare! I say, to hell with the preacher; I open my heart. For thousands of years the preachers have been telling us, don't you dare open your heart. I have stopped listening. The Universe that we are a part of is profusely generous with its riches. Why shouldn't we reflect its generosity whenever situations make this possible? There are far too few of those, as it is. Shouldn't we then celebrate those situations, rare as they may be, and even seek them out? Isn't that the reason why we women wear those ridiculous high-heeled shoes that make us look sexy, but are hard to walk in? We do it so that men enjoy seeing us and connect up with us. That's when the generosity begins, both with ourselves and others, Peter, and possibly even before that."

(from the novel, The Ice Age Challenge, Chapter 15)

The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

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