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Helen a Healer

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels


God is Principle:
 The harmonizing divine Principle is Love.
 Without it the Universe would have no foundation to exist.
All aspects of reality reflect universal Principle;
the quality of Good;
the intention that is Love. 

The movement of healing that takes us back to the quality of good opens wide horizons that are rich with paradoxes and great potentials. That's the horizon that the chapter, Helen a Healer, opens up in the novel novel, Discovering Love

Helen a Healer

"What do you wish for the most in your life?" Helen broke the silence that I drifted into.

I was startled. I hesitated. "I really don't know what I wish for the most?" I said finally. "Do I wish for a house, or a better one? No! I don't wish for that. I have a house that is perfectly adequate. Do I wish for an interesting job that provides sufficient income? No! I have that too. Do I wish for a loving wife? I have that already. Do I wish for romance? I had that also. I had a beautifully romantic day."

I shook my head. "Isn't this silly? You asked me a simple question, what do you want most in life, and I can't answer. I could say that I wished for sex, but if I did, I could have had plenty of that for a twenty-dollar bill or whatever the going price is. So, I really don't know what the answer is to your question."

"There was something that you deeply wanted in the pub and couldn't find there, something that brought you to the pub in the first place," she said. "I don't think you came there in the middle of the night to learn about politics, or to be scared by it even more that you had been before."

I nodded. "Sure, something had been missing, Helen, That wonderfully bright day that I had shared with Erica had ended with a sad failure," I said after a moment of hesitation. "Something didn't happen, that perhaps should have happened. We had the most wonderful day together as two human beings embracing each other in Love, but it ended with us facing a barrier. It ended with a line drawn in the sand. In a way I was clad at the time that the line was laid down. It closed the door to a difficult territory that seemed both beautiful, but also immensely challenging. It seemed easier to avoid the challenge than to deal with it. Isn't that what the whole world is doing? I think the challenge was far greater than anything that either of us was prepared to deal with, so that running away from it was the sanest response for the occasion."

Helen just laughed. "You are right on this one. The whole world is using this excuse. That's the oldest excuse in the book. That's why nothing gets resolved. That is why we have built tens of thousands of nuclear bombs to blow ourselves up with. You are saying then that you are wishing for something that the whole world is wishing for, that the problems would simply go away, or that somebody else would solve them for you. How noble of you!" said Helen and began to grin.

"I can't deny that sex was an element. It always is an element of what I would wish to be involved in," I replied, "though in the case with Erica it probably wouldn't have been a big thing in comparison with what we already had. Still I had been hoping till the last moment that our joining hands would include a sexual touch and that beyond it something greater than mere sex would emerge. I was hoping for a kind of intimacy that makes our sexual embracing something special that only human beings have the capacity to develop, something in which we are uniquely human. It would then have the potential to be something like a miracle that unfolds when our thinking is raised to a higher level where such 'miracles' actually become real. The whole human dimension is like a miracle in that way, isn't it? Maybe that is what I should be wishing for. What really defines us as human beings takes us beyond what we can find in any other form of life, in the known Universe. As human beings we are defined by a great profusion of 'miracles,' unfolding as art, science, music, literature, beauty, creativity, compassion, loving, generosity, honesty, to mention just a few. I suspect that sex also has this kind of a higher dimension, if only we could find it. I think we should look at sex as a unique human dimension that lies far above the level of the animal dimension of it as a means for procreation. Unfortunately, the lower form of sex, is what society is commonly focusing on. I suspect, that this is what Erica had felt impelled to close the door to. Maybe she had to do this because the higher dimension hadn't been built where sex becomes meaningful in a constructive way. I also suspect that we will never experience that higher dimension, for as long as we find it easier to close the door to it, than to take up the challenge to explore this higher level dimension and its advanced principles. The professor suggested that sex has a profound purpose in the higher human dimension, to bring us into the realm of the Principle of the General Welfare. I think I was in the pub to ponder where the boundary lies between the possible and the miraculous," I added. "I suppose, I was dreaming a dream that might always remain but a dream."

"Aren't we human beings a peculiar lot?" said Helen. "You were hoping for something that the whole of humanity is hoping for, a kind of universal closeness. The reality is that you were hoping for something that is easily fulfilled. Still, we find it terribly hard to help one-another to take those simple steps across the barriers that we have built up over centuries against the fulfillment of our needs. I find this so often, Peter," she added quietly. She almost sighed.

"Perhaps it is fear," I said to her. "We've become locked into a prison of fear, like Hamlet in Shakespeare's tragedy, who couldn't take that one simple step that he most desired, and had the authority to take. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown country, for which we have stayed away from it for centuries, because public opinion says, don't cross that line. We even teach this to our children. We tell them; don't cross that line; don't go into the forest; be aware of the wolf; be careful Little Red Riding-Hood."

The above story is a part of a larger story from the novel, Discovering Love, Chapter 5: Helen a Healer
Should you wish to read the complete chapter, the entire novel is available online for free.


The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

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