Ice Age Ahead (iaa)   

A Shadow in the Night

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
an exploration with one of my novels


when civilization is in danger it is the sensitivity 
of our humanity that weighs in the balance to save the day,
but how much weight are we giving it?

In times of great crisis, patriotic leadership has saved our world many a time, probably far more often than we know.  It is rarely the powerful politician who saves the day, but a little person standing in the background acting decisively to foil the plans of the giants. A fictional story of this nature unfolds in my novel "Winning Without Victory" in honor of all the unsung giants (the novel is free online). The story comprises Chapter 6 of the novel. The title of the chapter is: A Shadow in the Night.

The story is situated in North Carolina at a Navy coastal monitoring station where an incidence is observed that all the electronic wizardry had failed to detect. A gigantic crisis unfolds, and there is little time to react while the world hangs in the balance depending on someone doing the right thing when no one knows what the right thing is. This is a feat that only the power of our humanity can master.

To continue, go to the book online: Winning Without Victory - select Chapter 6.
The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

The novel is Volume 3 of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose

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