Ice Age Ahead (iaa)   

Perfidious Albion

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels

 Venice in the twilight


What tries men's soul? Empire does!

God is Soul:
 There is no trial on the horizon when the heart and soul is grounded in Love.

 Without Love the Universe would have no foundation to exist.
All aspects of reality reflect an intention that is Love as universal Principle

We can escape the trial that is forced upon us by the masters of empire and find security in the principle of universal Love that is a force so great that empires tremble before it that aim to squash it with genocide and depopulation. The power of empire may be impressive, but in real terms it is but paper-thin. That's the horizon the protagonist discovers during a night in the city of Venice in the chapter, Perfidious Albion,  in the novel, Winning Without Victory.

Perfidious Albion

The story is necessarily a lengthy one as the fabric of empire is a tangled maze that by intention is not easily comprehensible. It is one of the security measures that keeps empire in power that has no legitimate foundation to exist. In the novel, preceding the chapter, Perfidious Albion, the protagonist became entangled with the maze of the empire's web. He had foiled the empire's nuclear-war attack on the USA, became instrumental in scrapping America's strategic defense initiative out of fear, and than had launched an attack on the empire's chief weapons against mankind, its decapitating of science, by revealing the scientific recognition of the return of the Ice Age for which a vast renaissance type of economic and technological development becomes imperative to meet the challenge of protecting our food supply in the coming ice age world. He presented the imperative for a type of renaissance that would doom the system of empire for all times to come, or else humanity would be doomed by its failing to create this renaissance.

The chapter Perfidious Albion, (Chapter 11), deals with the reaction of empire to this challenge that goes to its very heart, but which it cannot openly acknowledge without revealing its true face, which opens up a paradox for empire of the kind it had to face throughout its long history and had been trying to escape from in numerous different ways.

The story in the chapter is critical for our time as empire finds itself threatened to its very core by the financial and economic collapse of the world under its looting predation. In this context an end game has been launched to assure the survival of empire by collapsing the world more deeply than empire has collapsed itself, whereby it aims to remain dominant. Thus nuclear war in the context of the empire's doctrine of mass-depopulation, is on the horizon by intention for the first time in history as all its other weapons against humanity have failed. The outcome of this end-game will determine the future of humanity, provided that anyone survives the game. Ironically, the mass of humanity is presently aiding its intended executioner, rather than defending itself against it, so that the old story written many years ago, still applies in which humanity may see itself as in a mirror.

The novel, Winning Without Victory is free online. Use the chapter index to locate Chapter11: Perfidious Albion
The book is also available for free as a PDF e-book

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