Ice Age Ahead (iaa)   

A girl named Lianhua

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
explorations from my novels

Nelumbo nucifera a water lily-like flowers commonly known as "lotus"


God is Life:
 Life is expressed in the forever developing, beautifying, enriching animus of Love.

Life is intelligence, Mind, Soul - Life is Truth unfolding.
 Humanity is the carrier of Life -  the Spirit of the Undefeatable.


Many metaphors apply to define our humanity, and many more to define life and all things beautiful, but few combine both. In the final chapter of the final volume of the 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, Lianhua is the name of a girl who becomes the spiritual leader of a society of people who found such wholeness in their living by the leadership of her wisdom that ancient stuffy monasticism became blessed by a new infusion of life by it. As the freedom and riches of life are forever a threat to the great kings of empire who rise to strike it down wherever they can, the spirit of Lianhua lives on in the story, shaping a brightening dawn of humanity that ultimately nothing can prevent from becoming a new day.

The chapter, Lianhua,  is the last chapter in the novel, Lu Mountain.

A girl named Lianhua 
(Lotus Blossom)

The story is fiction. It is historic fiction located in China in the region of Lu Mountain that once was home to numerous monasteries and great spiritual healers. If humanity is to survive the present rush to evermore war, and the inevitable nuclear war on the tracks that the world is present on, a fundamental spiritual healing is need that raises our humanity to new heights of significance, which we presently so casually throw away almost all across the world.

There was a time when our collective answer to war, fascism, tyranny, torture, genocide, and so on was a resounding NEVER AGAIN. Those words have been long forgotten, even the laws that humanity once had sworn to uphold as international laws enshrined in its U.N. Charter, have been forgotten. The statues of these laws have rendered all wars in the world since 1945, and those that are presently planned and threatened, as criminal acts, as crimes against humanity and crimes against the peace.

 Nevertheless a faint spark remains in the world of those days when we said Never Again, and when we chartered laws to assure that what should never have happened won't happen anymore. We need to revive this spark and give it new life, and nurture it to become a great fire for good. We need to do this. We need to listen to the heart, to Lianhua, and become bearers of gifts for the world instead of destroyers of it.

The novel, Lu Mountain is free online. Use the chapter index to locate Chapter15: Lianhua

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