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Heal the Sick

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The four demands on science and Christianity


It is reported that when Mary Baker Eddy taught her classes on Christian Science in the late 1800s, she requested her students on their first day in class to go out and heal someone. This wasn't asked by her after years of the students studying with her, which didn't happen anyway, nor did she make this demand on only of the most inspired of the students. She expected the ability to heal, of all her students, and on the very first day of her classes. It is reported that all the student did so, and that all were successful.

Has this ability been buried? Has it become lost?

Mary Baker Eddy had created a seal which she placed on the cover of her textbook. The seal represents what she stood for.  Inside the circumference of the seal she inscribed four demands, urged by Christ Jesus (Matt. 10:8).


1 Heal the sick

2 Raise the dead

3 Cleansed the lepers

4 Cast out demons


While Mary Baker Eddy extensively reworked her seal after 1901 into the one shown above, she did not alter the four demands. (earlier version)

I see the four demands as related to the four columns of the city foursquare. 

1 The universal dawn

It is interesting to note that the command to heal the sick is coincident with the first column, the column of the dawn (northward), and with the river Pison (defined in the glossary of her textbook as: "The love of the good and beautiful and their immortality.")

Mary Baker Eddy may have said to her pupils that while there is no reality in evil, it affects the afflicted as though it was real. She may have added that it is easy to heal those receptive of the truth - therefore, students, go and heal someone. As far as I know, they all did so, as did the 70 that Christ Jesus had sent forth.  

2 The universal sunrise

There are many in modern society who are however 'dead' to the truth, and perhaps more so today than in Mary Baker Eddy's time. She may have said to her students even then, that those cases are slightly more difficult to heal, since the afflicted by this 'death' have to be woken up first. 

I see this necessary demand as a 'sunrise' call to create a new renaissance in civilization, which is coincident with the river Gihon (defined by Mary Baker Eddy as, "the rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.") 

Is the "woman" referred to in Mary Baker Eddy's definition for the river Gihon, John's God-crowned woman of the Apocalypse ending all evil, crowned with 12 stars? (Rev. 12) Mary Baker Eddy refers to the woman in her textbook.

The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea. (p.561)

and she refers to the stars as "the stars of rejoicing."

I have addressed this subject at the end of my article on mental malpractice and animal magnetism. See the link below.

Mental Malpractice & Animal Magnetism

3 In the heat of the day

The third column is oriented southward where the sun gains its highest point of the day, the "heat" of the day where the great challenges of human living are met, or society fails to meet the human needs.

This exposure is coincident with the third river from Genesis, the river Hiddekel, which Mary Baker Eddy symbolically defines as, "Divine Science understood and acknowledged."

Here the third demand applies, to "cleanse the lepers." This demand is of vital significance today. This demand definitely still applies, even though leprosy was almost non-existing in the USA in Mary Baker Eddy's time, nor was it a great problem worldwide. The special focus on leprosy in Mary Baker Eddy's seal had evidently a different purpose. We do have far worse endemic problems to deal with in our age that soil the face of humanity more horribly than the plague of leprosy in ancient time ever did. 

Thus her demand in her seal, to cleanse the leprosy from the human landscape, stands evidently in metaphor for cleansing the more horrible plagues of our modern age.

The plagues of slavery, monetarism, empire: 
the leprosy of the modern age

In Mary Baker Eddy's time the equivalent to leprosy had definitely been the scourge of slavery. The discovery of Christian Science itself, evidently by its timing, arose out of the great prayers in America over a span of 30 years to banish slavery once and for all from the world. Mary Baker Eddy had made her breakthrough discovery within months after the Civil War had ended in which this long-sought healing was achieved on the political level, though not on the mental level where the universal victory still lies before us together with the consequences of unrealized healing.

For example, the American Civil War would have been avoided if Andrew Jackson had been blocked who had opened the door to mass slavery in the USA. The scourge of slavery, the leprosy of America, should have been cleansed from the land at this time. But this wasn't done. The opposite happened. As John Quincy Adams had warned at the time - saying that this ('leprosy') would lead to civil war if left unhealed - a horrible war resulted in which over 600,000 people paid the price with their life for the omitted earlier healing.

In today's world the 'leprosy' has a more ugly face. This face is universal fascism, politely named monetarism. Its deity is terror, property, thievery, poverty, starvation, death. That's the face of the god of money.

The god of money is the opposite of the God of Love. The god of money is an executioner. Every war in history was fought in its name, with the dead counted in the hundreds of millions. The masters of the highest throne of monetarism in the world want to execute 6 billion people, which they say are too many in the world. They aim to achieve this execution by stealing all the money in the world - a deliberate policy to collapse civilization and humanity with it. The comparison of this 'plague' with leprosy is actually too mild, but it has to do as no uglier plague exists or has ever existed.

In contrast, the God of Love is life-giving, life-supporting, life-enriching. The God of Love is the heart of civilization, reflected in love in the flow of which all human needs are met. On the wings of the God of Love civilization has advanced to support 5000 times as many people than the primitive earth had once supported with its own, meagre, 'natural' devices. If we let go of the God of Love, we let go of life.

Whenever the God of Love is displaced with the leprosy of the god of money in the religion of monetarism, civilization invariably dies and humanity dies with it. The policies of universal death that are evermore cooked up in the secret chambers of the highest thrones where money rules and love is banished, are but secondary of the mental 'leprosy' that is convulsing the world.

This plague presently unfolds towards consequences for which no precedent exists in history. Civilization is in grave danger in a world where love that meets all human need is banished and the poverty of money is enthroned that serves no one but its own end and spits on the human need.

You may find my article on love (below) useful for gaining a glimpse of the presently unfolding horror of this 'leprosy' that has been left unhealed for far too long.

Where Once Was Love, Love Can be Again

The modern 'leprosy,' politely named monetarism, has been left unhealed now for so long that it threatens to explode into another big war, which this time threatens to be a thermonuclear war in which not merely 0.6 of a million people will perish as in the Civil War, but more than 6000 million people will likely loose their life this time around, if not total extinction will occur. The bases are loaded for the greatest extreme imaginable to happen, and the driver for this death, as always, is monetarism, the terror-god of money that has destroyed all human values and made a joke of love - of Love reflected in love.

The now forged template for the universal bank bail-in policy of monetarism gone hog wild, a form of universal legal thievery,  may have the same effect as a nuclear war. In any case, it is the stated goal of empire to achieve this effect: to artificially reduce the world population from the current 7 billion people, to about 1 billion. Would you like to be depopulated? The 'leprosy' of monetarism is evidently promoted towards this end, and will get you there if the trend is not reversed.

Thus, Mary Baker Eddy's third demand, to cleanse humanity of the 'leprosy' that has infested the human fabric, is obviously the most critical demand in our time. No decisive steps towards a victory have yet been accomplished towards the cleansing of this 'leprosy.' However, no matter how difficult the challenge before us seems to be for this task to be accomplished, this greater task must be met, because the demand for it is no less imperative than the lesser demand, to heal the sick.

As Mary Baker Eddy points out with her definition for the applicable river, Hiddekel, the healing resource for getting the job done is located in the channel of "Divine Science understood and acknowledged," for which no alternative exists that is equal to the task.

4 The Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony

The orientation of the fourth column is westward to the golden sunset of realized achievement. The corresponding fourth river is Euphrates, defined by Mary Baker Eddy as:

Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity. (P.585)

Mary Baker Eddy's fourth demand, to cast out 'demons' evidently refer to getting rid of cultivated small-minded thinking. 

This culminating task is evidently even greater in scope than all the tasks preceding it. Here, the universal temptation is to belittle the advance of science on which the freedom of humanity rests, both in terms of divine Science, and also in physical and astrophysical science. On this front the challenge for victory is not even on the agenda, even though it is the greatest of all the challenges.

Assume that all the challenges related to the first three challenges are met, which are after all merely mental challenges, society will still have to meet the challenges that the astrophysical dynamics impose on the Earth, such as asteroid impacts and the changing climates of the now ongoing ice age transition. The advance of science, the unfolding gift of the recognition of divine Principle, offers an open door to meeting the greater challenges with technological advances and advanced infrastructures. 

Unfortunately, society stands not even near this open gate where all the human needs are easily met, but bows to poverty and politically created fairy tales, such as the global warming dogma for which vast amounts of food are presently being burned as biofuels in amounts that could have nourished hundreds of millions of people, which a committed to starvation and death. (see: Mass Murder with Biofuels)

In summary

You may find it useful at this point to correlate the four demands on Mary Baker Eddy seal with the four columns of the city foursquare that she brought all of her works into. You may find it useful to especially relate the four demands with the Lord's Prayer, and its relationship to the four columns. I have provided a mapping of the relationship presented at the end of the page on the link below.

Me, a Church of Christ Scientist  

You may also be interested in viewing my video on the Lord's Prayer.

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To get back to "healing the sick" 

I can see Christian Science healing unfolding as a process of 'quiet power.' It may also be called the power of divine Principle. I like the term 'quiet power,' because it doesn't come with the attachments of pomp, arrogance, scholarism, status, and personal force. Good is impersonal. I like to see the process of healing as an impersonal process. This may have been the reason why Mary Baker Eddy confidently sent her students out to heal in the first day of her classes. 

Also I don't see Mary Baker Eddy as the God-crowned woman of Revelation as some people suggest. Neither do I think that Christian Science is a personal gift by Mary Baker Eddy to the world. I see it as the gift of God to a struggling humanity. The unfolding divine idea man, reflecting God, has many stars in its crown. These, to some degree, include us all. 

In Bible usage, 12 is not a finite number, but represents great abundance, something big and wide. This convention is used almost 300 times in the Bible. Thus I see the God-crowned woman in Revelation as a combination of science (reflecting Principle and Mind) and humanity (Love reflected in love, and so on), which together are the greatest active expression of God coming to light on this planet that I can think of. 

You may like my video on healing that projects a certainty for victory, in this context. The title is: A girl named Lianhua  

A Girl Name Lianhua

God bless,

Rolf  Witzsche



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