Freeing science and Glass Steagall

Why no movement happens on the Glass Steagall front? 


The logic for re-instating Glass Steagall is irrefutable, is it not? The Glass Steagall law was repealed in the USA in 1999, with the force of an immense movement of slander and insane promises, supported by bribery funds in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars, to legalize theft on the large financial front - the private right to steal, and to deny the right of government to block the private right to steal from society. 

Glass Steagall was a protective law designed to prevent the grand thievery by clever tricks of financial derivatives schemes that are basically fraud, etc., called profit. Since Glass Steagall was repealed the world financial system has been spectacularly collapsed, and this so deeply by the legalized thievery that up to $50 trillion in bailout funds had to be flooded into the feeding trough for the thievery, in order to keep the dying thievery system alive. The logic for re-instating Glass Steagall is glaringly obvious thereby. Nevertheless, in spite of years of efforts to restore the Glass Steagall law, no success has been realized on this front of society protecting itself.

Is the failure for moving on this front really the result of the hold that the U.S. President Obama has on Congress as some claim is the case? Or is it, that the majority of Congress is still imprisoned into the mythological concepts of monetarist mechanics, which, as the maters of empire have dictated for centuries, is deemed to be the only economic platform possible. With this oligarchic monetarist doctrine, by which money is deemed to be wealth, which can be acquired by stealing, the masters of empire have sucked the creative life out of society. In fact, no other platform is allowed to exist anywhere, except that which sucks the life out of society. It is hard for a people who are locked into this prison of hollowed-out mythological perceptions to break themselves free.

You should be able to judge yourself how difficult it is to break out of this prison of hollowed out perceptions that are purely mythological in nature. You are experiencing the paradox yourself as the cherished LaRouche science basement team remains locked into exactly this type of prison, a prison of hollowed-out perceptions that has been imposed on science for centuries and for the same reason that monetarism has been imposed on economics.

The trap that the basement team is fiercely protecting, by promoting it, is evident in the mechanistic cosmology that the team champions, in which only gravity is allowed as a perceptual basis for understanding the universe, regardless of the fact that gravity is the weakest force there is, a mechanistic force of limited reach, while the actual dynamic force that renders the universe anti-entropic, is ruled out of existence. In this oligarchic prison in which the real controlling and powering force of the universe is blocked out of the domain of science, the strangest mythological concepts come into existence as default alternatives, like Ptolemy’s epicycles.

Ptolemy was locked into a doctrine that forced astronomy to see the cosmos built as constructs of perfect circles, which he managed to do with the aid of the mythological epicycles and his concept of the equant. Kepler enabled astronomy to break out of this prison by recognizing the principle of gravity as an ordering governing force expressed in the solar system.

Since the principle of gravity was out of the bag from then on, it was allowed to exist in the domain of science, while any further intrusion of reality into the prison that science remained locked into, was furiously prevented under the Wellsian and Fabian doctrine, as it still does, which demands science to be kept small, hollowed-out, and as much as possible, impotent.

Thus, the queen of science, cosmology, is condemned to see a universe that is ruled exclusively by gravity, which the LaRouche Science Basement Team conveniently bows to, because that’s how the domain of science is presently operating, under the Wellsian and Fabian doctrine. On this basis science has become tied into knots with a concept of the universe in which only gravity is allowed to be recognized as an operating force, just as monetarism is the only platform that is allowed to recognized as valid in economics. 

In cosmology everything must be understood as the mechanistic result of the force of gravity. In this prison truly exotic theories have been developed, to explain the otherwise inexplicable, just as Ptolemy had done with his epicycles. In the modern world the epicycles have become the exotic theories that are designed to make the gravity-only universe perceptional, like with the theory of the density waves, and black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the all-combining Big Bang theory, none of which are supported by verifiable universal physical principles. Everything is mythological here. The economic equivalent is on the same path. Monetarism is mythological and not supported by any verifiable universal physical principles.

The modern congressmen, senators, businessmen, and much of society with them, are locked into the same type of perceptional prison. In this particular case, only monetarism is allowed as a ruling force, and is therefore deemed the only reality in economics. This prison is carefully guarded against the intrusion of any notion of an actual real economic principle, such as the Credit Society principle. The monetarist prison too, is fiercely guarded and hard to break out of, as hard as the prison is to break out of where science has been drained of any notion that the 99.999% of the mass of the universe does exist as electrically charged plasma that responds not only to gravity, but also to the electric force that is 36 orders of magnitude stronger than the force of gravity, and does not diminish with the square of the distance as gravity does.

On the plasma platform science has no need for density waves, black holes, dark energy, and the entropy of the Big Bang theory. All the observed phenomena are easily recognized as lawful electric phenomena with built-in vast potentials for human economic development. Unfortunately the breakout to the freedom that comes with this unfolding wider perception of reality, is a fiercely prevented to the very day, as the breakout from the same type of prison is, that monetarism is for economics.

Thus, the modern scene, even at the leading edge, has become highly hypocritical. The LaRouche organization is saying in essence to the senators and congressmen,  “you fools, why can’t you break out of the prison of monetarism that you have become trapped into,” while in the same breath it defends its own imprisonment into the prison of hollowed out science.

The movement on the Glass Steagall front will most likely remain blocked by the impotence that always results from hypocrisy. The blocking factor really is located here. If the blocking factor was removed, the horizon would instantly be opened to a vast new industrial-revolution renaissance that science, when unlocked from its prison, would inspire. But this isn't happening, is it? As a consequence we remain stuck.

Without the step of breaking ourselves free in science, which unfortunately isn't even on the horizon, what would inspire the congressmen and senators to break out of their prison of monetarism that they have been comfortable in for all their life, even if the conditions within are getting worse by the day? That's something to think about, isn't it?

Here is some more about the type of prison that science has been locked into. The link below links to a transcript page of one of my educational video presentations where the subject of imprisoned perception is being dealt with.


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