G20 2016 China its plasma-flow symbolism -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Potential Ice Age Recognition

Does the symbol of the political event hint of the future?


The does the symbol for the G20 World Economic Summit hosted by China in 2016, incorporate in its design a basic recognition of plasma-flow dynamics in solar dynamics? If so, the symbol may indicate that the recognition has been made in China that the solar system is eclectically powered by interstellar plasma streams flowing through it, and that in fact the Sun is a plasma sphere interacting with a corona of plasma around it, which contains concentrated plasma focused onto it by electromagnetic primer fields, that are flow-volume dependent and a vulnerable by threshold conditions to collapse. 

Is the 2016 G20 symbolism indicating that China is aware of the dynamics and its high potential to cause the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050? China has placed global economic development and global cooperation onto the table at the G20, perhaps as a start of the recognition of the immense worldwide economic development that is absolutely required for humanity to be able to live securely and richly during the long night of the next Ice Age for which the transition is already in progress.

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Of course, it is also possible that the 2016-G20 symbol represents China's high-level commitment to worldwide economic-development, centered primarily on the historic silk-road trade channels between China and Europe; the land route in the north and the maritime road in the south.

In 2013 Chinese leader Xi Jinping raised the initiative for the win-win economic alliance on the model of the Marco Polo Silk Road that had opened up trade between Europe and China. Xi Jinping proposed the new dual concept of what he termed the "Economic Belt" in the form of a Eurasian-wide land bridge as an economic development corridor, and a similar renewal of the old maritime "Silk Road" tradition, with both concepts becoming uplifted to 21st-Century requirements to assure the economic integration of the respective regions into a cohesive economic area by means of infrastructure building, and increasing cultural and trade exchanges.

Many of the affected countries are already members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). These initiatives are vital stepping stones towards the world-wide economic integration and development that are both essential for building the infrastructures become vitally critical for the near Ice Age ahead.

It is interesting in this respect that the gala opening ceremony for the G20 Summit was staged on a lake. The entire lake became a watery stage with platforms submerged just inches below the surface, so that the performers were literally walking on water. Was that a hint to the future, which requires most of the critical infrastructures to be placed afloat across the equatorial seas?

G20 gala opening; Swan Lake performance, highlighting the plasma-flow symbolism.

And, full coverage with a lake becoming a water-covered stage, all action are staged afloat on the water.


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