Segment 3, of the Plasma-Core Principle, 3-part video series -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Dinosaurs, the Plasma Core, and the naked Sun

This presentation is Segment 3 of a 3-part series

Links to: Segment 1 - Segment 2

This video series explores a wide range of subjects. All of this is New

Segment 1: Plasma Core Principle - the Science

#1 What is a plasma sphere?
#2 Why do planets form around a plasma sphere, exclusively?
#3 What is building up pressure within the plasma core.

Segment 2: Plasma Core Principle - Examples: Earthquakes and Volcanos.

#1 World-Historic seismic and volcanic events 2004 - 2011.
#2 Storms after the calm - 2015 - 2019.
#3 Big events, keyed to solar weak times.

Segment 3: Plasma Core Principle - Examples:: Dinosaurs and Mini-Novas

#4 Paradox of the "too heavy" dinosaurs.
#5 The Earth's variable surface-gravity and size.
#6 The Sun, a naked plasma core - example Mini-Novas.

The video explores a solution for the long-standing paradox in mainstream science, posed by the largest dinosaurs, weighing op to 260,000 pounds (half the weight of a large jumbo jetliner), who lived on land and walked on four legs. It is widely recognized that this would not have been possible if the surface gravity would have been the same at the peak of the dinosaur era. The Plasma Core Principle solves this paradox. It also solves the mystery of the Mini-Novas.

run time: 37 min.


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