Deconfliction of science, nuclear war, relationships, and civilization -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Resources for Renaissance
for meeting the Ice Age Challenge

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A gigantic resource for building a renaissance -
deconflicting science, solar science, astrophysics, nuclear war, love and relationships, and civilization.

Deconflicting SCIENCE, astrophysics, and the Ice Age

Deconflicting NUCLEAR WAR - Flight Without Limits - Brighter than the Sun
Deconflicting RELATIONSHIPS - A series of 12 novels: "The Lodging for the Rose"

Deconflicting economics - KALEIDOSCOPE PROJECT with stories from the novels

Ending with - COOL SCIENCE FOR KIDS TO HAVE A FUTURE (banner for a major project)

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Supporting Videos (AND BOOKS):
SCIENCE - SPIRITUAL - LOVE - STORIES - POLITICS (Climate, Economics, and War)

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Video explorations to deconflict science include:

The epic  8-part series: "Yes, the Russians did hack"
The 12-part series "Black Holes Under the Stars"
The 10-part series "Ice Age of the dimmer Sun in 30 years"
The 7-part series "Our Electric Cold-Fusion Sun" (only title shown)
The 13-part series "The Alternate Jesus"
The 12-part series "Christian Science" (and its large subject)

The following list, lists the deconfliction topics that the 12 novels of the series "The Lodging for the Rose" focus on, loosely.

Discovering Love
Deconflicting love
volume 1 - book 1

The Ice Age Challenge
Deconflicting barriers
volume 2A - book 2
Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World
Deconflicting marriage
volume 2B - book 3
Winning Without Victory
Deconflicting defense
volume 3 - book 4
Seascapes and Sand  
Deconflicting nationalism
volume 4a - book 5
The Flat Earth Society
Deconflicting pride
volume 4b - book 6
Glass Barriers
Deconflicting identity
volume 5a - book 7
Coffee Sex and Biscuits
Deconflicting isolation
volume 5b - book 8
Endless Horizons
Deconflicting purpose
volume 6a - book 9
Angels of Sex in Queensland
Deconflicting humanity
volume 6b - book 10
Sword of Aquarius
Deconflicting terror
volume 7 - book 11 
Lu Mountain
Deconflicting civilization
volume 8 - book 12


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