Ice Age Climate Science Background -  video by  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

#1: The historic 'imperative'

#1: The historic 'imperative'
#2: Early explorations
#3: Modern physical measurements
#4: Imperatives for human existence
#5: Advanced theories

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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Introduction

how my explorations developed

#1:The historic 'imperative'

In the 1980s, when we had 65,000 nuclear bombs hanging over our head, I began an exploration for principles that could get us out of the impending nightmare. Since the nuclear terror threat is 100% manmade, and isn't fundamentally a political or technological issue, but a human relationships issue, I began to the explore the universal relationships issue in the context of writing two novels (Flight Without Limits and Brighter than the Sun).

As it is so often the case, by the time the work was done, it became apparent that more advanced work was needed, 'pulling all the stops' out, so to speak. The work eventually became a 12-volume series of novels (The Lodging for the Rose), because of the sheer dimension of the subject of human relationships at the grass-roots level. Here something happened. When the second volume of the series was complete and ready to be transmitted to the printers, my computer's hard disk died on that very day, in that very hour. The last external backup hadn't been made for several months. A lot of work was suddenly lost. I felt like a school teacher had looked at my work and ripped it up, saying, this is nice, but you can do better.

In searching for what I could have done better, the thought emerged, as strongly as if someone had spoken, that I had missed an important focus. I had missed the Ice Age. I was shocked at the thought. Back in the 1990s the airwaves were bussing with global warming. The Ice Age seemed as 'remote' as the moon, at the time. Still, I paid attention to the voice within and did some research. However, there was little known on the subject at the time, and what was known didn't make much sense.

The biggest theory in the 1990s was the orbital cycles theory (The famous Milankovitch Cycles Theory), which tells us that Ice Ages are caused by the interplay of long-term variations of the eccentricity of the Earth orbit around the Sun, and the cyclical shifting of the spin-axis of the Earth. Johannes Kepler would have laughed. He knew already in the 1600s that the total solar radiation received on Earth remains always the same, no matter how the spin axis is tilted or the orbital eccentricity varies.

Nobody really knew in the 1990s what causes the Ice Ages. Exotic theories were developed, based on ocean current fluctuations and so on. None of which made any sense, as the effects are too feeble. The world renowned Polish professor Dr. Zbignew Jaworowski wrote in essence in a paper in 2003 that our understanding is too lacking to know the real cause, but that we do know, that statistically, the start of the next Ice Age is overdue by a few centuries, so that it is near. He suggest that the transition might unfold over fifty years and could be as short as a single year. In other words, he didn't know. All he could say with certainty, that CO2 was not a climate factor. He had excavated and studied ice on all continents over the span of 50 years, which earned him to position of chairman of the Scientific Council for Radiological Protection in Warsaw.

The uncertainty regarding the cause for Ice Ages remained unresolved for all this time as all theories had one basic flaw. They were all founded on the assumption that the Sun is an invariable constant. By this barrier in science, no rational solution was ever developed.

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