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#3: Modern physical measurements

#1: The historic 'imperative'
#2: Early explorations
#3: Modern physical measurements
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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Introduction

Real-time monitoring and laboratory simulations

#3: Modern Physical Measurements

In modern time several types of major measurements indicate that the rate of the solar activity collapse, that the Ulysses satellite had measured, is still continuing. Real-time measurements of solar activity are made in radio astronomy, which measures solar radio-flux in the 10.7 cm band, and by the Neutron Monitoring. Since neutrons are generated by cosmic-ray collisions in the atmosphere, the neutron density provides a real-time measurement of solar activity. While both measurements fluctuate with solar cycles, the changing values are both reporting the same rate of collapse in solar acuity that Ulysses had initially measured.

Another insight that modern technology has provided, is by way of conducted laboratory experiments. These experiments provide a basis for recognizing the dynamics that can cause a star be a highly variable star. The experiments tell us plainly that the historic theory of the Sun as an internally heated gas-sphere, powered by nuclear fusion, is physically impossible, that instead the Sun is a sphere of plasma that interacts with interstellar plasma in surface reactions. The experiments have successfully illustrated that interstellar plasma streams can become intensely concentrated and be magnetically focused onto a sun. The experiments conducted by researcher David LaPoint in a static environment, and by Anthony Peratt at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in high-energy dynamic experiments, stand as milestones in our understanding of the solar dynamics.

Since the experiments are based on magnetic effects that are generated by the flow of electrically charged streams of plasma, it becomes self-evident that on the large scale of the context a minimal threshold of plasma flow density is required for the large complex magnetic structure to form in cosmic space and to be maintained there. This sets up a basis for the recognition of the enormously large climate differences between glacial and interglacial climates that are measured in historic ice core samples, and also for the immensely rapid transition between them. In a sense, the experiments prove that Ice Age phenomena are essentially digital On-Off events caused by threshold conditions.

While it is not physically possible to 'measure' the threshold level, below which the Sun drops into a low-power 'hibernation' state, the current and historic pattern of collapsing solar activity, tells us that we are getting close to the next Ice Age phase shift, possibly as close as the 2050s or even the 2040s.

My earliest exploration of the implication of the experiments resulted in the video productions
Ice Age of the Dimming Sun in 30 Years and the latest work Ice-Age Science Recapitulation.

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