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#4: Imperatives for human existence

#1: The historic 'imperative'
#2: Early explorations
#3: Modern physical measurements
#4: Imperatives for human existence
#5: Advanced theories

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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Introduction

We are in a transition zone in which agriculture as we know it is ending

#4: Imperatives for human existence

During the Little Ice Age in the 1600s, the cold climate had so severely depressed agricultural production, that populations diminished by 30% in some regions, due to starvation. We had slightly over half a billion people on the Earth at the time. Today, after nearly 300 years of global warming, we have over 7 billion people living, and supported by an amazingly efficient modern agriculture that was made possible by the most ideal climate that we had for a long time. The climate together with technological advances created the 7-billion population miracle. However, the key element of this miracle, the agricultural climate, is ending.

All the measurements of solar activity tell us the same story, that solar activity, and with it our climate an Earth is collapsing like a falling stone. When the cooling shrinks the length of the growing season, agricultural production is bound to collapse. Then, where will the food come from for the 7 billion people we have today. This question needs to be addressed BEFORE the Ice Age transition happens. We are in a boundary climate zone to the next Ice Age where large climate fluctuations have already begun, and with the some agricultural losses. This needs to be addressed fast.

We also need to prepare for the conditions that we know we will encounter when the Ice Age conditions begin. We know from ice core samples that the cold of the Little  which was caused by a half a degree of global average cooling, according to measurements taken in Greenland. We also know by the same measurements, that the full Ice Age cooling was 40 times as severe as the Little Ice Age cooling. That's what we have to prepare for, with enough capacity to nourish 7,000 million people under the worst possible conditions.

While this immense feat is technologically possible, and economically achievable, by placing large scale agriculture afloat on the equatorial seas for the lack of suitable land in the tropics, together with floating cities and industries and transportation systems, we don't get anything built if we don't start, and we won't start until the digital Ice Age dynamics are recognized.

That's where we are today. Science is tied into knots, and blocked by numerous barriers and political obstacles. But the knots can be untied. Is anyone willing to help?

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