Extraordinary Evidence in Plasma Astrophysics  -  an overview video series by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

A wide range of Extraordinary Evidence
exists in Plasma Astrophysics

everything is extraordinary there


The theme of "Extraordinary Evidence" was inspired by Robert Brilz who is concerned with the lack of extraordinary evidence for the strong claims for Manmade Global Warming, or Manmade Climate Change, that has become a major political doctrine in the West. The reason for the lack of extraordinary supporting evidence is simple, because it is not possible to present extraordinary real evidence for something that does not exist.

It is easy, in comparison, to present compelling extraordinary evidence for something that does exist. In Plasma Astrophysics where everything is real and extraordinary, extraordinary evidence exists in abundance. This renders Plasma Astrophysics a most extraordinary science, with implications even for economics, national security, and the security for life itself.

This page presents a series of videos designed as an overview of the extraordinary.

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Global Warming was happening for 300 years. It was caused by the Sun, and began to reverse in the late 1990s. Clear evidence exists in Carbon 14 measurements and in historic sunspot numbers. That's extraordinary.  This clear evidence is being ignored. - A broad preview added.

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The big solar minimum cycles have been fading for 1000 years, with their intervals getting shorter towards an end point in the near future. In like manner have the big global warming cycles been fading. The end point is the phase shift to the start-up of the next Ice Age. It is near. But to determine the timing more evidence is needed.

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Extraordinary evidence challenges the archaic theory of the hydrogen-gas-sun theory. When sunspots, which are holes in the surface of the Sun, reveal the Sun to be dark below, we see evidence that the Sun is a surface-powered Plasma Star that is externally energized, and responding to external conditions, which makes the Sun highly variable and capable of causing the ice ages and the warm interglacial periods between them.

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