Energy For Power

  a story from my novels - Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Black & White on White paper
80 pages
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ISBN-10: 1530112184 


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The story presented in this book focuses on the nature of power. Power is not energy. Energy is utilized to implement the creative power of a human being and humanity as a whole, and even the universe itself. Contrary to the myth of the Big-Bang theory in astrophysics where everything is entropic and winding down towards a type of zero state, the real universe is creatively developing and forever expanding in an anti-entropic manner. This is why the dream of nuclear-fusion energy production can never be realized. It is not happening anywhere in the real universe. No principle exists for it. Nor would the universe need to produce energy. It is flush with it. Energy is its second name. Neither would we need to produce energy on Earth for our use, if we had the technology developed to utilize the cosmic supply that surrounds us, even as it powers the Sun. 

To get real on this scene means that we give up our childish dreams of trying to achieve nuclear-fusion energy production. We dream this dream, because we believe that the Sun is so powered. We say to ourselves that if the Sun can do it, so can we. But the Sun doesn’t operate that way. We have been trapped by a nightmarish dream where nothing is accomplished, for decades upon decades, and have tied ourselves into knots with it. The time has come to break free and get real, and develop the real energy resource that we are surrounded with, and use it to give ourselves the power to create with it a New World and a New Future. Energy and Power are like the two wings of a bird that enable its skyward flight.  

The framework for the story presented in this book, is a fictional, international peace conference organized by the youth of the world, convened in Russia in a city on the Black Sea. The setup enables the drawing together of diverse perceptions so that what is true, may shine through the facades of the many accepted myths. 

The story presented here is one of the scenes of the Kaleidoscope of human superlatives that keeps on turning. In the Kaleidoscope Project, the selected stories are gems of numerous types. The one presented here is from Book 2, The Ice Age Challenge, of my epic series of novels The Lodging for the Rose. The Kaleidoscope stories are presented separately, because their specific focus has become increasingly important in the world, for our future. 

The Kaleidoscope Project is actually a subsequent feature. I started to write books that I would love, that are filled with a kaleidoscope of superlatives that define the riches of our humanity. My writing project began with two small novels, Flight Without Limits - a science fiction experiment to open the portal to the human superlatives - and a larger novel, Brighter than the Sun - a fictional project to explore the human dimension of the greatest intentional catastrophe that humanity has prepared against itself, termed "thermonuclear war" that is still on the agenda. 

The larger novel explores against the background of catastrophe, the superlatives of the inner and enduring riches of our humanity. But the work didn't stop there. It just began. It became apparent that the human superlatives are so rich that they are best explored simply by themselves, for their own merit, so that a super-imposed context would tend to dilute them. The result became a series of twelve novels that I have named, The Lodging for the Rose. The work became a kaleidoscope-experience of superlatives, where new vistas of our inner riches come into view with every turn. 

As one might expect, many of the vistas are precious in themselves, so that it soon became apparent that quite a number of them stand on their own as complete stories and are important to raise up a specific focus that is of critical importance. I cherish these stories. Consequently, I started to share them in different forms, including now in printed form.


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