Horse Sense Economics

  a story from my novels - Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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64 pages
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BISAC: Fiction / Political


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A The simple horse appears to have a better ‘understanding’ of the principle of economics than the modern financial wizards of the world have demonstrated to have.

The statement is not intended to glorify the horse, but to illustrate how deeply collapsed the human world has become with its faith in the magic of monetarism where nothing is real – where all is pure illusion – except the consequences resulting from the folly. The consequences are real. They cannot be avoided by any means, except eradicating the cause for them. The western world-financial system is collapsing under the weight of its hyper-massive looting practices. It parades its billionaires as success stories, to be admired by society for their cleverness in ‘stealing’ their riches out of the pockets of the poor until there is nothing left to steal. At this point the pyramids of illusions disintegrates. It is impossible for such a system not to be self-doomed. Evidently, the security of the world lies in the opposite. It has been said that real economics begins with love being expressed that reflects the Principle of the General Welfare. In the quality of the living in society, wealth is defined. That’s the most foundational economic principle there is. To the degree to which it is developed, civilization prospers, or inversely, becomes lost. But what is love, for it to have this effect? 

The story deals with the economics question in the Kaleidoscopic fashion that offers surprising new vistas at every turn. The story is situated in Leipzig, Germany, in the bedroom of a ‘beloved’. It is a bedtime story to wake up from! It involves a dialog of two horse ranchers discussing modern economics, especially how it now unfolds in the modern sophisticated world. 

The story is taken from my novel, “Discovering Love,” It has been selected for my Kaleidoscope Project for its significance in understanding of what has become modern, misnamed, economics. The project picks specific gems from my 14 novels that can stand alone and are of critical importance in the modern world. The Kaleidoscope project started out of necessity. 

I had started to write books that I would love to read, which are filled with a kaleidoscope of superlatives that define the riches of our humanity. 

It became apparent that the human superlatives are so rich that they are best explored by themselves, for their own merit, which in the larger context of a novel tend to become diluted. The result became a series of twelve novels that I have named, The Lodging for the Rose. The work unfolds as a kaleidoscope-experience of superlatives, where new vistas of our inner riches come into view with every turn. The story in this book, is taken from Book 1 of the series, named “Discovering Love.”. 

As one might expect, the Kaleidoscope vistas are precious. It soon became apparent that quite a number of them can stand on their own as complete stories with the potential to raise up a specific focus that is of wide-ranging importance.  

I cherish these stories. Consequently, I started to share them in different forms, including now in printed form. The separate printing of the stories also allows a larger type face to be used. 
The novels and the kaleidoscope of vistas from them - is published
by Cygni Communications Ltd, BC, Canada (


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