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Lower CO2 concentrations resulted from loss

He states that it is a recognized fact that when snow accumulates, the air becomes compressed, and that some of the compressed cold CO2 becomes dissolved in water vapor that escapes through cracks, or becomes concentrated in liquid water that forms pools or drains away. It is also known that this loss-process increases with increasing pressure when the snow builds up above it, which compresses the lower snowflakes into firn and then hoar, and so on, until a stage is reached when the firn and hoar become compacted into solid ice. This occurs at the 140 meter level, which happens to coincide with ice compacted from the beginning of the 1800s.

He states that it takes roughly 200 years of this loss-volatile compacting process for snow to become solid ice. Thus, when ice core samples are drilled from this region in ice they contain the progressively lower CO2 concentrations that resulted from the loss.


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