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The brilliant life-giving 'fire' in the sky

The stepping away from this fate begins with the recognition that our Sun would not be the brilliant life-giving 'fire' in the sky without a dense plasma sphere surrounding it from which it draws its electric power that lights up its photosphere with electric plasma interaction. 

If this realization is made, half the battle is won, because everything follows, and the needed steps become logical. And this realization shouldn't be hard to make.

It has been recognized a long time ago that our Sun is not the steady state nuclear fusion furnace, which it is widely said to be, but is powered by one of the vast networks of plasma streams that pervade the galaxies and the cosmos as a whole. Since plasma has mass, the plasma surrounding the Sun becomes attracted by the Sun's gravity and interacts with its outer atmosphere, the photosphere, which thereby becomes excited to 5,780 degrees Kelvin. It is that simple. 


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