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Plasma Astrophysics, Queen of the Sciences - Introduction

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The theorized fact that 99.999% of the mass of the universe exists in the form of plasma, renders the science of Plasma Astrophysics the most comprehensive science in the world today.

Leading-edge physicists assert, supported by a wide field of measured evidence, that the universe truely is a scene of mostly plasma that operates largely by the vastly powerful electromagnetic forces. The science of Plasma Astrophysics, thereby becomes the grand science of the universe, of the galaxies, of the stars and planets, including the Sun and the Earth, and the climate on Earth, including the ice ages. Plasma Astrophysics thereby becomes the queen of the sciences. Surprisingly, it isn't actually new.

The science of Plasma Astrophysics has a long history. It was put on the map in the late 1800 when Kristian Birkeland began to explore the Northern Lights phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis, as a plasma phenomenon related to the Sun.

Plasma Astrophysics developed from this early beginning into the leading science of the universe, which it now is, of the galaxies, the stars, the Sun, the Earth, and even the climate on Earth.

On its long path, the science of Plasma Astrophysics has superseded many a prominent theory in mainstream cosmology, such as the Big Bang theory; the Hydrogen-gas Sun theory; the Creation of the Earth theory; even the theories of the Ice Ages, and the theories of our climate. The superseded theories thereby have become archaic.

For example: The face of the Sun is seen in a new light now, the light of evidence apparent in the Science of Plasma Astrophysics. We see the face of the Sun as the face of a plasma star, energized at its surface, externally powered, thus being a variable star, both in solar activity and radiation.

We also see the Sun thereby as the master of the climate on Earth. This is extraordinary. This is all wide-ranging. And of course, so is the evidence for it.

I have produced a 13-part series of short video explorations that provide a high-level overview of the widely diverse aspects that are inherent in Plasma Astrophysics.

Some of these affect us directly in a big way, in the way we look at global warming; at the nature of the Sun; at the nature of the climate and the Ice Ages; and our future in the already unfolding boundary zone to the next Ice Age.

Other aspects affect us in a more-indirect way, such as advanced perceptions of the nature of our Earth and of the cosmic factors that affect us, including our potential for utilizing Cosmic Electric Energy as an energy resource that can never be depleted.

The overview presentation then opens up to a wide-ranging comprehensive presentation that comprises more than 120 individual videos, all focused on aspects of Plasma Astrophysics that are of critical significance in our modern world, especially the Ice Age related aspects of it.

The comprehensive collection covers a wide field of specific explorations, and because of the large volume of it, the field of exploration is divided into 6 segments.

The first segment of videos is focused on the development of Ice Age recognitions over the span of the last 5 years.

Another segment is focused on advanced aspects of basic science in the context of Plasma Astrophysics.

And a further aspects is focused on paradoxical failures in mainstream science, which are easily apparent when seen from the standpoint of Plasma Astrophysics.

For the last segment, I have added a series of early video productions that are focused on the unscientific nature of the terror doctrine of Manmade Global Warming. This is a great burden that Plasma Astrophysics frees humanity from.

120 videos divided into 6 segments

There are altogether 6 segments presented. They comprising more than 120 videos with evidence rooted in Plasma Astrophysics. All videos have transcripts attached, with the video images included.

The comprehensive USB data stick,

vital for humanity to have a future.

Because of the great significance of Plasma Astrophysics for the living of humanity in the modern world, I have combined the entire complex of more than 120 videos on the subject, onto a single USB thumb-drive data-stick, in the form of a comprehensive package focused on the most vital science of modern time.

I will produce and mail the comprehensive USB stick as a gift for the asking, in response to a $100 donation that I see as a fellowship commitment to promote the science on which the future of humanity depends, for which the USB stick is offered as a tool. For any lesser reasons it wouldn't be worth the effort to produce and mail the stick. - Please e-mail your mail-to address to: witzsche@yandex.com

The stick, once received, can be freely copied, and can be freely distributed for non-commercial, educational purposes. Please note: It may take up to 2 hours to copy a stick, because of the large volume of data it contains - of more than 42,000 items.

The Science Stick of the Future.

Lead-in video and ordering info.

A more detailed lead-in video to what is contained on the stick is also provided, and is included, together with how to order it.

It is my hope that Plasma Astrophysics will become a mainstream science in the near future, because the future of all humanity depends on humanity's response.

With the next Ice Age already looming on the horizon, potentially as near as the 2050s, it becomes imperative for humanity to create itself a new world of infrastructures, primarily for agriculture, some of it afloat on the equatorial seas, which would enable our 7-billion humanity to continue to live on an Ice Age planet and all the way through the boundary zone towards the phase-shift to it.

I think there is good chance that a life-preserving response of this type will happen in the near term, because Plasma Astrophysics is imperative on this point, and humanity is richly endowed at the present stage, with all the resources needed to implement the imperative. However, the implementation requires action. And this involves you. It involves all nations. It involves the whole of humanity. No one is not involved. Either one is involved in securing a future, or one is involved in creating the conditions for having no future at all. The choice shouldn't be difficult. Although the task that comes with it is by no means a small one. It is enormous in scale, exciting to be a part of, and it is totally doable.

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