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Plasma Astrophysics, Queen of the Sciences - Introduction



- 1 - The fact that 99.999% of the mass of the universe exists in the form of plasma
- 2 - The science of Plasma Astrophysics has a long history
- 3 - Science of the universe, of the galaxies, the stars, the Sun, the Earth, and even the climate
- 4 - Plasma Astrophysics has superseded many a prominent theory
- 5 - The face of the Sun is seen in a new light now, in the Science of Plasma Astrophysics
- 6 - We also see the Sun thereby as the master of the climate on Earth
- 7 - A high-level overview of the widely diverse aspects in Plasma Astrophysics
- 8 - A comprehensive presentation that comprises more than 120 videos
- 9 - The first segment is focused on the Ice Age recognitions
- 10 - Another segment is focused on basic science in the context of Plasma Astrophysics
- 11 - A further aspects is focused on paradoxical failures in mainstream science
- 12 - The last segment, the unscientific nature of the terror doctrine of Manmade Global Warming
- 13 - More than 120 videos with evidence rooted in Plasma Astrophysics
- 14 - The comprehensive USB data stick
- 15 - The Science Stick of the Future
- 16 - It is my hope that Plasma Astrophysics will become a mainstream science

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