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The Science Stick of the Future

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Lead-In to The Science Stick of The Future by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

What is on the stick?

The stick introduces revolutionary breakthroughs

of a science that began more than 100 years ago, supported by evidence that is officially denied to exist,

but which is critical for our future, even our very existence.

The science may be called Plasma Astrophysics,

the science of the stars, the Sun, what affects solar activity,

and with it the Earth, especially the climate on Earth.

Plasma is the term for protons and electrons flowing in space that are too small to be visible.This invisible mass makes up 99.999% of all the mass in the universe, including that of the stars.

Some call plasma the lifeblood of the Universe - hence the term, plasma.

In interacting with our star, the Sun, the dynamics of plasma also affect the climate on Earth, and this more extensively than is commonly imagined.

And by its effects on our climate, it has a deep-reaching effect on our agriculture, and with it on our food supply.

The deep-reaching effects of plasma on our living, by affecting agriculture, makes the science

of Plasma Astrophysics an open window for us to begin to understand our future.

Agricultural scenes like this are still common, but they are fast becoming history. The days are ending when one could plant into dust in the spring, count on rain that always comes, and mild days for harvest when the big combines are brought out to reap the bounty of nature. Good climates have brought us good harvests so far.

But now the climate is getting colder and drier. It is becoming more unpredictable.

We experience larger extremes than in the past.

Human activity has nothing to do with those climate transformations that are beginning to affect agriculture.

Our actions are too feeble to affect the climate of the Earth.

Our climate is determined by the Sun. The underlying cause for this comes to light in Plasma Astrophysics.

All nations are affected by this cause.

The far-reaching effects make Plasma Astrophysics one of the most critical sciences of our time.

 Plasma Astrophysics also furnishes a radically advanced platform for understanding the ice ages and the fringe effects of us living in the boundary-zone towards the start of the next Ice Age in potentially the 2050s.

We have entered the boundary zone to the next Ice Age - nothing remains the same as it once was.

This means that nothing will be the same from now on.

The Earth's climate has begun to collapse, because the Sun's activity level has begun to collapse.

The transition process towards the phase shift to the next Ice Age has begun.

The collapsing climate is already affecting agriculture, our main food resource.

This means that our future, which is linked to agriculture, depends on the actions that we take in our time, based on Plasma Astrophysics, to enable agriculture on Earth to continue in new forms and to thrive under the severest circumstances.

Building a World Bridge with floating indoor agriculture, stretched across the equatorial seas between the hurricane zones, for the lack of suitable land in the tropics, would create us a sufficient infrastructure for living under Ice Age conditions.

If such types of actions would be taken, humanity would give itself a chance to have a future.

At the present stage, nothing is happening. Society is locked to a doom that it cannot see.

Plasma Astrophysics can enable society to avoid the doom, by cutting through the fog of illusions, and by causing it to respond to what is already known based on physical measurements.

Ice core records from previous ice ages, tell us that we can expect to live under a weaker Sun that emits 70% less radiated energy when the Ice Age phase shift takes place in the 2050s. Plasma Astrophysics enables us to understand what stands behind the weaker Sun, and to prepare us for it.

The ice core records also tell us that we have to make do with 80% less rain.

These harsh assessments are fairly new, because the measured data to make those assessments didn't exist two decades ago when the Ice Age banner was raised by concerned scientists. Nor were the underlying principles by which ice ages are happening, understood at the time. However, with advances in Plasma Astrophysics the mysteries have vanished.

Zbigniew Jaworowski

"The Ice Age is Coming," (2003)

the return of the Ice Age is already 500 years overdue

it could erupt within the next 50 years without warning

with a transition as short as a single year

Back in 2003 the Polish professor Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, Chairman of the Scientific Council for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, wrote in his 2003 paper, "The Ice Age is Coming," that the return of the Ice Age is already 500 years overdue, and that it could erupt within the next 50 years without warning, and with a transition as short as a single year.

Dr. Jaworowski had personally explored glacial ice formations for 50 years, on 6 continents, but even he couldn't say more than what he said, because the data simply didn't exist in his time to be more specific, nor were the underlying principles understood at the time.

A lot of things have changed since his time in the early 2000s.

Modern discoveries in Plasma Astrophysics have added tremendously to the vital field of science that explores the invisible by its effects.

Although plasma is too small to be visible, it can be recognized by its effects.

This caused Kristian Birkeland, in the late 1800s, to explore the northern aurora phenomena in terms of what causes it, and later to explore its dynamics. The explorations, so long ago, have put Plasma Astrophysics onto the map of the sciences.

A later notable contributor to Plasma Astrophysics was the Swedish explorer Hannes Alfven, the 1970 Nobel Laureate for his work in magnetohydrodynamics.

Hannes Alfven also had developed a pioneering concept of a plasma powered galaxy. The resulting model became known as the Alfven model.

The science of Plasma Astrophysics was further advanced in modern time by the work of David LaPoint, who became famous for his experimental work in exploring the principles of the electromagnetic 'Primer Fields' that focus plasma onto a Sun, by which the Sun's high-energy reactions are powered.

Another modern contributor to Plasma Astrophysics was Anthony Peratt, as Director of Experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. He, and his team, had discovered in high-power dynamic experiments the natural geometry of plasma flowing in space.

The experiments produced essentially the same type of plasma flow geometry that David LaPoint has explored statically.

The wide span of research work, all drawn together, from many different standpoints, opened up windows for new perceptions, such as that of the Plasma Sun model that far supersedes the archaic Hydrogen Gas Sun model.

The developing work also opened up a new platform for the recognition of the ice ages, as having an electrodynamics cause with a digital characteristic.

The resulting scientifically advanced recognition far supersedes all previous theories of mechanistics-based Ice Ages, as that of the Milankovitch Cycles theory. The difference is revolutionary. But is anyone moving with the advanced recognition? No, society remains tragically asleep on this issue.

With subsequently measured scientific data, derived from many other sources, including from NASA's Ulysses spacecraft, and with advanced understandings of the principles involved, it has become possible to forecast with a reasonable degree of certainty that the phase shift to the next Ice Age will potentially occur in the 2050s or slightly sooner.

This means that a tragedy is in the making - a potentially huge tragedy for the whole of humanity - though one that can still be avoided, even while presently no interest exists in society in avoiding it.

The wide field of Plasma Astrophysics presented in 6 groups


Turning Points

Climate Explorations

Antiquated Science Concepts

"To be or not to be?"

Manmade-Global-Warming Myths

The details involved are many, on this wide field. They are located in many diverse fields and in many backgrounds.

For this reason I have arranged my presentation on this stick, of more than 100 of my videos, into several special-focus groups.

The first group deals with the footsteps of the unfolding science recognitions in the 5-year period from 2014 onwards.

The second group is focused on turning points in history and basic science exploration.

When future historians search for the big turning points that have put the course of humanity into a new direction and shaped the future with it, they will find answers in this group of videos in the search for the truth.

The third group is devoted to loosely related explorations, primarily climate-focused explorations.

The fourth group deals with antiquated science concepts. These antiquated concepts should have been long forgotten, as they have been far superseded. Instead, they have been kept in the foreground to function as barriers and perversions.

The fifth group deals with boundary-zone issues where the imperative is to create a new world with climate-protected infrastructures for agriculture. The big issue here, is: "to be or not to be?" The response in society to this issue is essentially, zero.

The last group, deals with early concepts in countering the manmade-climate-change myth, or manmade global warming as it is also called.

Two specific concepts are threaded through all exploration groups.

The two recurring concepts are, the Ice Age, and the World Bridge Development to make the Ice Age liveable.

One of the all-pervading concepts is the recurring theme that the next Ice Age is near; that it is fast approaching; that it cannot be avoided by any means that we possess; but which we can live with by building us the necessary infrastructures.

The second of the all-pervading concepts, is the concept of the World Bridge infrastructure for climate-invulnerable agriculture placed afloat across the Equatorial Seas for the lack of suitable land in the tropics.

The World Bridge imperative is huge. The new technological infrastructures that must support seven billion people under the worst conditions, are gigantic in scale, but they must be built, and this within the little time that we have remaining to build them.

Whether humanity responds to these two repeated themes, and prepares its world for the near Ice Age phase shift, will determine its future in the years to come. Failing to do so, humanity would fade into oblivion before the Ice Age phase shift actually happens.

Seeing the True Man

The answer to whether the World Bridge will be built, or whether humanity fails itself at this critical juncture, is still in the making. Fortunately we still have time to respond.

This makes building the World Bridge infrastructure the most immediate and the most important project of all times, for all nations, and a top priority for all governments and all world organizations.

This is how we may win.

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