Text-only transcript of the video Big Bang Blow-Out 5: The Need for Looking Forward by Rolf Witzsche 

Big Bang Blow-Out 5: The Need for Looking Forward

(01 Nothing is gained from clinging to the past )

Restoring an old platform from the past that has failed, whether it is political in nature like America's Glass Steagall banking law that had enabled America to become the most prosperous nation in the world, but which has failed, or whether the platform from the past is scientific in nature, such as the more obviously failed Big Bang theory, any such clinging to the past is ultimately an exercise of futility that in effect celebrates entropy, the very sense of entropy that the false Big Bang theory places before humanity. Nothing is gained from clinging to the past, as inviting as this may seem, because to do so denies our power to live in the future, where we can look forward to greater achievements than any that have been wrought in the past.

(02 By becoming latched to the past )

By becoming latched to the past, people live by the entropic assumption that humanity doesn't have the capacity anymore to leap ahead into the future and pull the present up behind it.

(03 By staying latched to the past )

By staying latched to the past, people lie to themselves. They lie to themselves about their own humanity, because it is knowable that each person as a human being has the capacity to know the truth. This applies in science, economics, politics and in civilization as a whole

(04 Without the advancing recognition in society )

Without the advancing recognition in society of the anti-entropic nature of the human being, which no other forms of life on earth can match, humanity would doom itself, both in the present and in the future, because our very existence depends on our human, ever-expanding, creative capability, and increasing scientific and technological progression. 

(05 Glass Steagall has become too shallow )

This means, that the imperative that the Glass Steagall act in 1933 had been based on, on the political front to advance America's economic progress that was much needed 65 years ago, has become too shallow to make the grade in today's world. We need to go further, by a long way. Compromises, no matter how tempting they may be, are no longer useful, nor beneficial. Any compromising on the grand scale of civilization has become too dangerous for the whole of humanity, because the imperative in today's world is that we move ahead on all fronts without fail, because the Ice Age Challenge annot be met with anything less.

(06 The Need for Looking Forward )

 "The Need for Looking Forward"

(07 The imperative comes with the Ice Age Challenge )

 The imperative that inspires us to become more human, comes with the Ice Age Challenge that cannot be side-stepped or be compromised with. Nothing less will do, than moving ahead as effectively as possible.

(08 It challenges us all to become human beings )

It challenges us all to become human beings in the fullest sense of our highest self-recognition, and that we move with the universe by utilizing its resources, and the resources we have within as children of the universe, who have the power to become one with the universe. The demand, that we place on us, takes us far beyond the falsely imagined Big Bang entropy.

(09 To create an Ice Age Renaissance )

We place this demand on us, for the obvious reason that the Ice Age Challenge can not be met with less than the complete commitment in society to the principle of universal anti-entropy that is reflected in humanity worldwide, just as it is prominently apparent in the operation of the universe, and on earth in every form of renaissance that ever was. The dynamics of the universe challenge us, to create an Ice Age Renaissance for ourselves, on a scale that far supersedes our grandest dreams to date, because we have become accustomed for far too long, to dream too small.

(10 We need to look forward with the eyes of science )

The point is that we need to look forward with the eyes of science, and consistently step beyond the platforms of the past and their limits and failures, even as we built on past achievements and experiences.

(11 In terms of our natural capacity as human beings )

This means that we focus on what is real in the universe and in ourselves as human beings as a part of the universe, and that we use this higher-level focus as a starting point. 

In terms of our natural capacity as human beings, we are presently operating at a large deficit on the road towards meeting the Ice Age Challenge. Too many centuries have been wasted under the chokehold of entropy in the kingdom of thievery, such as the Roman Empire and the like, have placed on us.

(12 The Ice Age phenomenon is not the product of entropy )

The Ice Age phenomenon by itself, is not the product of entropy. It is a phase of the anti-entropic cycles of the universe, and of ever-higher forms of life unfolding within them.

(13 Children of the anti-entropy of the universe )

We, ourselves, as intelligent human beings, are the children of the anti-entropy of the universe that unfolds evermore forms of beauty, sublimity, and power, almost in its own image.

It is highly likely that the dawn of humanity on Earth had not been possible on earth until specific astrophysical conditions had existed that had enabled a breakthrough in the development of a higher-level species, and by several successive breakthroughs that have occurred subsequently, which would render us the children of the universe.

We may fear the Ice Age, but in real terms the ice ages have been our cradle in which substantially larger volume of galactic cosmic-ray flux have reached the Earth for most of its time, which didn't happen before our time.

We, as humanity, emerged from the cradle of the ice ages as the brightest stars in the heavens of life, and with a potential direct connection with the universe itself, a connection that we have just begun to discover.

According to all evidence, we are on a track that takes us far beyond the notion of entropy. We are not glorified animals, we never have been, but are the diamonds in the heavens of life.

(14 Ice ages are critical elements in the progressive dynamics )

The cosmic-ray flux that has affected us richly through our past, is an electric phenomenon, a phenomenon of fast moving electric particles, and related particles. This fast electric flux has the potential to be a critical factor for the development of complex neurological systems as we have within us that have become systems of cognition, and ultimately, consciousness. In this context we may be the children of the creative, anti-entropic, quality of the universe in the most intimate sense, where the ice ages are critical elements in the progressive dynamics.

(15 The Big Bang theory stands plainly in denial )

The Big Bang theory stands far, far distant from the anti-entropic principle of the universe, though it took us a long time to discover the principle that is expressed in our humanity.

The discovery that we have made on so many fronts, tells us that the Big Bang theory stands plainly in denial of what is self-evidently true.

(16 Big Bang theory might have been intentionally staged )

While no impelling evidence exists that the astrophysical Big Bang theory had been intentionally developed for political purposes, and might have been promoted as a cultural warfare project to create an empty center in society - in science, economics, and in culture - the timing of the promotion of the theory - as a counter-ideology - seems to suggest that the Big Bang theory might have been intentionally staged for such intentions. 

(17 The Big Bang Cosmology )

This factor, all by itself, should inspire us to regard the Big Bang Cosmology and its fire of entropy with an empty center, as nothing more than a tragic product of false assumptions at best, and false intentions at worst.

(18 The Ice Age is near, as near as the 2050s )

The Ice Age is near, as near as the 2050s, potentially. With the challenge that this poses, in mind, it shouldn't be too hard for society to step up to higher ground and move forward from there to build itself a correspondingly great renaissance, on the basis of this truth, with which to rebuild its deeply-collapsed civilization in order that the Ice Age Challenge be met in time, before the physical Ice Age starts anew.

(19 A great need for a renaissance of truth )

We have a great need for a renaissance of truth towards this end, because the truth is, after all, the builder of worlds, and truth does not diminish.

The truth is here to stay, and the truth is, that humanity is an anti-entropic power in the world. For this, we have ample evidence. In truth we find the foundation for our future. "In Truth We Trust." That's what the new banners proclaim.

(20 The proof of the 'pudding' is unmistakable )

In spite of the millstones that have been hung around humanity's neck during the hellish period of its history, of the kingdoms of empire, humanity has forged ahead to ever-greater levels of self-development, in science, technology, and humanity. The proof for this is amazingly evident in the 'pudding' of increasing population density that has been achieved.

The proof of the 'pudding' is unmistakable. Until scientific thinking began to dawn in the world, at around 300 BC, the world population had remained almost stagnant. Then with the scientific methods of Socrates and Plato setting a higher stage for humanity, a new wind began to blow that opened the horizon of the mind.

(21 the sky is no limit" or "there are no limits." )

Suddenly, with small-minded thinking becoming put aside, a dramatic increase in economic power began to develop. The increase was slow at first, choked by the devastating effects of the continuing empires of the world. The chokehold was broken, however, by the new breakthrough in science that unfolded with the work of Johannes Kepler, who started a new freedom in thinking and in humanity's self-perception.

As the result, society became more productive, more innovative, more creative, as if the watchword was spoken, "the sky is no limit" or "there are no limits."

(22 With increased industrialization )

With increased industrialization, and advances in farming, mechanization, transportation, and so on, in an environment of increased energy use, it became possible for evermore people to support themselves on the lands of the Earth that in primitive times supported just a few.

The sharp increase in the human world population to the 7 billion level in our time, was obviously not the result of improved breeding habits, but does simply reflect the anti-entropic power of humanity becoming increasingly recognized, with which society creates itself new resources for living with advanced technologies, and so on, all provided by the anti-entropic human intellect.

(23 Population increase mirrors anti-entropic economics )

The worldwide achieved population increase mirrors the natural dynamics of anti-entropic economics.

The graph shown here illustrates merely the principle of the dynamics. The principle is addressed in Segment 2 of the video series on the Big Bang entropy theory.

(24 The rate of increase that can be achieved )

The rate of increase that can be achieved, of the expression of the dynamics, is only limited by the limits society is placing on the human spirit in its surging ahead.

(25 Floating bridges across the tropical seas )

What would prevent humanity today from laying down floating bridges across the tropical seas that connect up with floating agriculture that will take over the food production for the world when the recurring Ice Age disables agriculture outside the tropics, potentially in the 2050s timeframe.

We have the materials for it in the form of basalt, and the energy resources for it in the form of thorium nuclear fission. We have the technology already in use on a small scale. Once we can get our spirit roused to do this, this gigantic seeming project will become a small thing.

(26 The 6000 new cities for a million people each )

We would likely place most of the 6000 new cities for a million people each, which we will need, afloat onto the seas, together with their agriculture, in preparation for relocating the nations out of the northern areas that become uninhabitable in an Ice Age environment, and we would create the cities for one-another for free. With automated, high-temperature industrial production, the mass-production of quality housing will become so easy that cost-free living will become the new basic infrastructure for humanity meeting its human needs in the most-efficient manner possible, as an open door for further advances in scientific and cultural achievements. All of this becomes possible when we lay aside the entropic, small-minded, mode of self-perception, to an open-ended perception.

(27 To break down the barrier in the mind )

Our greatest need therefore, is to break down the barrier in the mind that would prevent us from meeting our potential as human beings. The barrier of small-mindedness is already killing far too many people with poverty, even in the richest of the rich nations. With the increasing drought conditions, as a fringe effect towards the coming Ice Age, the USA is fast running out of freshwater resources. The shortage could have been prevented.

(28 Drought conditions can be offset )

Drought conditions can be offset by simply redirecting some of the outflow of the great tropical rivers, such as the Amazon River, to the dry areas of the world via a network of floating arteries made of woven basalt.

(29 Desalination of ocean water provides an endless resource )

Actually, we don't need to rely on rivers at all, in order to meet our freshwater needs. Desalination of ocean water provides an endless resource. All we need to do is utilize the weight differential between freshwater and salt water, to self-power deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination systems, to cause rivers of freshwater to flow out of the oceans, independent of weather conditions. The technology already exists. The deep-ocean application hasn't been implemented yet, because small-minded, entropic thinking that accepts the collapse of human living as normal, has prevented the application of the humanist power we already have at hand.

(30 Recognized already during the Kennedy era )

It was recognized already during the Kennedy era that the south-western dry areas of the USA could be made far more productive with increased volumes of freshwater. For this reason a project was devised to divert portions of the large northern rivers to the south for increased agricultural production. The giant NAWAPA project was never even started. Now, with the drought setting in, the Southwest is in a water crisis that is decimating agricultural production in the region, instead of increasing it.

(31 Deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination )

While it would take a 50-year construction effort to divert water from Alaska, deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination can be built relatively easily. The deep oceans exist. The volume of freshwater that can be produced depends only on the size of the infrastructures that we built to meet our needs. And those needs will increase, dramatically, especially during the coming Ice Age environment when rain becomes scarce. Desalination becomes essential then, and not only for agriculture.

(32 Deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination )

The entire world will find itself in the same situation. It has the same opportunity for unlimited freshwater production from deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination that America has available to it. Deep oceans are nearby everywhere.

(33 India can never suffer water shortages )

India can never suffer water shortages if the infrastructures are being built. Those will become critically essential for the coming Ice Age when the rain becomes scarce. This means that the infrastructures should be started now, including the inland distribution systems. Large infrastructures are not built quickly, especially when the industries for building them need to be created first. It is tempting to say, that these gigantic efforts are not possible, but in saying this we would be denying ourselves. We would deny us as an anti-entropic species. With this denial we would be laying ourselves down to die.

(34 The relocation of entire nations becomes essential )

The tropical world, in which the future of humanity will have to be located in 30 years when the Ice Age begins anew, is presently vastly underdeveloped, while the highly developed regions are located in the zones that become uninhabitable. The relocation of entire nations becomes thereby essential. This means that enormously large projects will become common, because it is unthinkable that humanity will simply lay itself down and commit suicide by default. This won't happen.

(35 We will built the 6000 new cities )

Sure, some decisive efforts will need to be made to get us all out of the present slump of small-minded thinking that keeps us tied to a decaying landscape where impotence and entropy rules, especially economic entropy that invites stealing, where we say this is too hard to do, who will pay for it all, so that nothing is presently being built. However, the prospect isn't pleasant either, that when the Ice Age begins in the 2050s and devastates agriculture outside the tropics, that most of humanity will starve to death, because people don't live long without food. Consequently, we will stir our stumps and get the job done, to meet our future needs. This means that we will built the 6000 new cities for a million people each and the millions of acres of floating agriculture that are required, because this is the human thing to do, and an exceedingly exciting thing to do as well. Most likely, we haven't seen anything yet in terms of what we can accomplish as human beings with our profound intellect and creative capacity. This will set the stage for the future.

(36 Whether we survive the Ice Age Challenge )

Whether we survive the Ice Age Challenge with vast new infrastructures in place in the tropics in preparation for a potential Ice Age Renaissance world, or whether we will fail ourselves and die of starvation as a consequence, depends exclusively on the recognition of ourselves as an anti-entropic species that inspires us to accomplish the needed tasks.

(37 We have ample of proof to our credit )

I would like to suggest that we will not fail ourselves, because we have already demonstrated to ourselves that we are vastly more capable than we presently give ourselves credit for, for which we have ample of proof to our credit.

(38 Entropic factions in politics and philosophy )

While entropic factions in politics and philosophy see the amazing proof of the human anti-entropy with fear, and say that humanity is overgrazing the land that will collapse the biosphere and thereby diminish the resources, they speak from ignorance and self-dilution. Their fear is false, built of false historic philosophies that are as false as the Big Bang theory is false that appears to be intentionally entropic. 

The reality is that nothing is winding down anywhere in the universe, nor is the potential of humanity winding down. Our open-ended development potential has been demonstrated as truth, and the truth does not diminish. In fact we have just begun to peck open the shell of our infancy, reaching for infinity.

(39 As the truth is being experienced, we begin to fly high )

In discovering our truth, by the discovery of the creative principles of the universe, we discover ourselves as the supreme being on Earth in the living image of God or the Universe. 

Then, as the truth is being experienced, we begin to fly high above the dust of entropy and find that our world has become cleansed of all of its pesky, numerous, small-minded illusions, which thereby has become transformed into fruitful fields and gardens of beauty and happiness. And for that, we have the means already at hand.

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