The scientific symbolism of the Taj Mahal - presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Taj Mahal at Agra - India - (resented under lisence)




The Taj Mahal incorporates a wide range of symbolism, both male and female, both standing in unison in a unifying structure, which is coincident with some of the most ancient Hindu religious perception by which the integrated unity of male and female into a structural and physiological singularity signifies wholeness. Scholars believe that the Taj Mahal was build in a much earlier timeframe than is traditionally believed, and was build as Hindu temple rather than as a Muslim tomb, which itself is a contradiction since the Muslim tradition does not support conspicuous burial. As a Hindu temple it reflects the celebrated wholeness of male and female unity. Both the male and female symbols are richly apparent.

But the integration extends father into purely geometric symbolism with a spiritual significance. The entire garden in front of the main structure is divided into four sections, perhaps symbolic of the four wings of a butterfly, with the dividing lines being long extended reflecting pools, surrounded by gardens and a wide walk way on either side, and with a raised pool at the center that feeds the reflecting pools via male-symbolizing fountains. The central pool that feeds the entire system is female in nature, named the "Celestial Pool of Abundance."


Also, the design of the main temple is completely square. All sides are equal, which is again reflected in the garden. Each of the four sides has for male symbols built into it that correspond to the four parts of the garden in each of the four wings of the' butterfly' (above). The fountains themselves are arranged in a perfectly straight row and build tall enough so that their image overlap and merge into a fine line that divides the entire scene down the middle as a central line of symmetry. It thereby symbolically represents the line of symmetry of the 'vaginal core' and also the pivotal line for the wings of the 'butterfly.' 

The essential line of symmetry is indicated in many of Judy Chicago's images on the plates for the women chosen for the Dinner Party. At the Taj Mahal that is in sexual symbolism the central line of symmetry may signify the essential symmetry in value of the male and female in society and in one's own heart heart and soul were the symmetry evidently exists and moves us. What is not included in this symbolism is the all-overbearing arm of empire, its fascism, its looting of nations, its sword that splits society asunder, right down the line of symmetry and hands each one a sword. This symbolism is not found at the Taj Mahal, for what empire claims does not exist in the natural world. The natural world is a world of beauty, principle, life, love, and joy.

The line of the symmetry of mankind, thus is a spiritual line that speaks to us across many centuries filled with dark ages with images of a profound Truth, even sexual truth, that is pivotal to civilization itself. 

The kind of richly explicit sexual symbolism that we see incorporated in the Taj Mahal is rare in western civilization, with Judy Chicago's work being one of the rare examples. Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare pedagogical structure is another example, which too, is an inherently sexual one. Its 16 elements, like the Taj's 16 gardens are female in nature in the higher sense (divine Love), with male elements closely integrated (the Christ). And this is just the beginning. Each of the 16 elements of Mary Baker Eddy's structure has a central core and four 'wings' extending from it, represented by two concentric squares, shown in the metaphor below, surrounding the sentinel of Truth and Love standing in the middle.

This arrangement is basically reflected in the layout of the Taj temple. It features four male symbols that inscribe a square platform. And within this square we see four major female symbols, again inscribing a square. And at the center of the inner square we find the central dome, the central element of it all, presented in the shape of the giant female symbol that towers above all.


The arrangement of the two concentric circles with a central element matches the 9-element substructures in Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure, as shown below in principle and in a sample.


With this principle applied to populate the entire foursquare structure, with 144 significant definitions, defined by Mary Baker Eddy, quite an extensive spiritual construct becomes enabled for ordering one's perception of the spiritual universe and our world in its context. (See: Sublime Science)

When this principle, which is incorporated in the Taj temple is applied to the entire Taj Mahal complex, then it can be seen to pertain in essence to all the 16 squares of the Taj garden, just as the concept is modeled in Mary Baker Eddy's structure. Then wandering through the garden takes on quite a different meaning, with inward explorations that may never end.


Thus, the 'wings' of the Taj take us further and further off the ground into the purely spiritual and scientific domain. 

Also the four main male symbols that mark the outer square of the Taj temple, and the four main female symbols that mark the inner square, are in complete balance as one would expect of a metaphor that represents the wholeness of humanity. Also the circumscribed sides of the temple are constructed in perfect alignment with the four celestial directions, adding to the scene another dimension of wholeness. The celestial alignment is significant, as it represents the forever unfolding wholeness of a complete day, where the dawn begins in the north; followed by the sunrise in the east; and the heat of the day unfolding in the south over the gardens; with the circle culminating in the golden sunset in the west that portends the start of the next dawn. And in the center of it all stands the great dome of the female symbol complete with the areola on top, that towers above all.

It is essential that the core be sexual in nature, and also female in nature, a combination that represents divine Love and mankind's intimacy with it. This symbol therefore has to stand at the center, signifying the mothering principle of God. Judi Chicago made the female symbol universally central in every respect, and this probably not simply because she represents the historic achievements of women. It appears that she has put the vaginal core onto the plates of the Dinner Party and invites society to dinner, because that is already happening in the natural world of humanity, today, just as it was so nearly a millennia ago when the Taj Mahal was built.

In the ancient cultures it was evidently not deemed vulgar to celebrate the sexual nature of all mankind in clearly representative symbolism. The sense of vulgarity that is now attached to it, and to the sexual intimacy as a whole, became a modern feature arising from the dark ages. In nature it never existed, In nature the sexual aspects are not only at the center, but are strongly emphasized as a means to invite the deep intimacy that is necessary for the pollinating process to function, just as the flow from sexual, to social, economic, and political intimacy is necessary for civilization to function. Indeed, when these levels of intimacy are intergraded and are well functioning (without circumcision at any level), a renaissance environment will result.

Some of the sexual features that are richly found at the Taj Mahal were already apparent in the earlier Hindu temples, like in the erotic temples of Khajuraho. In Khajuraho a complex of 85 great sandstone temples was built, with many richly adorned with sculptures of human scenes, including scenes of sexual intimacies of all types, with the sex-act scenes amounting to about 15% of the total number of sculptures of the temples. It is for this 15% content that the temples are now known around the world as the erotic temples of Khajuraho, which goes to prove that the sexual dimension is deeply ingrained in humanity, contrary to society's current 'slandering' of it in so many ways, respective of the social isolation that came to be built on that 'slander' over the dark centuries. 

Of the 85 original temples, 22 are still standing and have become a U.N. World Heritage Site.

one of the temples at Kajuraho - presented under license

In the case of the temple shown above, we see the male symbolism built into its outward structure (see a larger picture of the above temple), while unseen from the outside, the sanctum deep within is distinctly female in nature. The temples of Kahjuraho, build out of sandstone between 950 and 1050 AD, are amazingly complex in nature, with the tallest reaching upwards to 116 feet in height, have evidently presented engineering and construction challenges that rivals those of the building of the Giza pyramids in Egypt. In spite of the challenges 85 great temples of this type were built within the space of only 21 square miles, and within the timeframe of between 100-200 years. The largest of these, dedicated to the god Shiva, contains in its design over 900 sculpted statues. (See a larger version of the above)


We have no records remaining of how the temples were built. The only record the remains is carved into the temples themselves, in the form of the 'erotic' images. The intimacies displayed in the images, speak of a closely intimate society in all regards. In this we find the only clue as to what stood behind the power of economy, art, and industry of the society that created this great profusion of marvels in the space of a hundred years. 

We see an economic miracle before us here, on the scale of a great renaissance civilization, perhaps the greatest ever, but which suddenly vanished when the job was done. Or maybe it wasn't an economic miracle at all, but merely an intrinsically natural development of which we had far too few. What we see here was likely nothing more than the productive outcome of an intensely intimate society, sexually, socially, civilly, economically, and perhaps also politically. On this basis the hue construction achievement was a natural event. 

Obviously it was that, because as the evidence proves, it was done, and nothing less could have done this. Unfortunately the great achievement on this scale also explains why or current civilization that going in the opposite direction, torn and divided by empire, is collapsing and is coming apart at its seams, rushing towards a new dark age.

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