Life in the near Ice Age World is blocked by the censorship of silence  -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Life Blocked - Ice Age Denied

The denial of the Ice Age blocks the building of a New World
for human living for the near Ice Age world, whereby all future human life is blocked

Part 5
To be, or not to be?

An Ice Age does not develop gradually. The transition is fast. The process is 'digital,' because the Sun operates in two states and flips between them. Its high-powered state that gives us our current warm climate, will end in the 2050s. Numerous forms of evidence tell us that the Sun is rapidly weakening and will likely come to the phase-shift point to its low-powered state in the 2050s, at which point the entire planet Earth becomes uninhabitable by today's standard. For our continued existence on the coming Ice Age Planet, with a 7 billion world population, requires us to build a new world for us with technological infrastructures, primarily in the tropics, that are able to support human living where otherwise only a minuscule few can live. But will we do it?

Will be build ourselves a new world and live? This option is presently blocked by the denial of the Ice Age with the censorship of silence, whereby the continued existence of human life in the near future is blocked. This option is blocked, because the Ice Age is denied. It is denied by the censorship of silence, and this silence is imposed.

This video does not explore why the silence is imposed, but it presents a few basic realities that may break the silence. Part 6 explores the blocking factors and also some additional basic elements that may contribute to breaking the lid off the box of silence.


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